Best moments from Kim Kardashian West’s episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’

Even with limited acting skills, she managed to fit right in among the cast and landed her jokes with ease.

Rosalind O'Connor
Musical guest Halsey, host Kim Kardashian West, and Cecily Strong during promos for “Saturday Night Live.”

Kim Kardashian West isn’t exactly known for her prestigious acting career, but she gracefully took the stage to host last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

With a handful of other celebrity guests making cameo appearances, the second episode of the new season felt like an A-list party. 

Kardashian West took on roles that seemed to fit her perfectly — a bachelorette, a princess, and even her own sister. Given that she was mostly playing characters that reflected her real life, she nailed them.

Seeing Kardashian West standing alongside seasoned comedians like Aidy Bryant and Pete Davidson seemed out of place, making her own presence on the show the gimmick that they leaned into.


Even with limited acting skills, she managed to fit right in among the cast and landed her jokes with ease.

Here are some of the best moments from Kim Kardashian West’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Cold Open

The biggest news story this week was the Facebook whistleblower coming forward and speaking to Congress. The SNL writers took that opportunity to emphasize how slow and boring Congress proceedings truly are.

The aged members of Congress clearly have no idea how Facebook works — asking the whistleblower unproductive questions about their friend count and memes instead of things relevant to the trial. The SNL Congress floor is notorious for stalling and taking too long to make any decisions, and this skit drove that home even further while adding in some jokes about other big things in the news.

They even shouted out the current social media meme of the Zodiac Killer: also known as Aidy Bryant’s Ted Cruz.

Opening Monologue

Kim Kardashian West has no movie premiering anytime soon. But in her opening monologue, she did address the elephant in the room: her very public divorce with Kanye West. Being a main character in a cultural controversy is almost like starring in a movie premiere of its own.


The drama between Kim and Kanye has been seen across Twitter for several years, from his failed presidential run (“We don’t need three failed politicians in one family”) to his struggles with mental health. And all was fair game for her monologue.

Ultimately, her intention of the night was to show that she’s “so much more than just a pretty face,” which she may or may not have accomplished.

The Dream Guy

Kim wasn’t the only celebrity in this skit. She plays the role of a “Bachelorette” character selecting which guy she’s going to eliminate. As the camera pans to the men she has to choose from, you can hear the crowd cheering for the all-star group making cameos: John Cena, Blake Griffin, Chris Rock just to name a few.

The most surprising moment was a quick appearance from one of the show’s producers Amy Schumer. They shared an intimate, romantic moment, after which Kardashian West broke character and had to let out a laugh.

This skit was made for Kim. She made the perfect Bachelorette — a very fitting role given that she’s newly single.

The People’s Kourt

Perhaps her most convincing performance was her portrayal of her sister Kourtney. She starred as the judge of the Judge-Judy-style TV courtroom, “The People’s Kourt.” She addresses various feuds between her family — including a guest appearance by her mother Kris.


We find her mother suing her sister Kylie “because she hasn’t had her baby yet,” costing their family money from their marketing PR campaign. While this spat seems like something that really could’ve happened on their TV show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kris could hardly contain her laughter throughout the scene.

The skit also references Kim’s unusual outfit from The Met Gala — a black cloak covering her entire head and body. It’s unclear if the actor playing Kim was wearing the exact same outfit — hopefully Kim doesn’t expect it back after the show.

Costco Meeting

The intern at Costco stands up for the teenage demographic. In an attempt to bring more young people into the store, the new marketing pitch is to bring in musical group Glitter Revolution.

Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang join Kim to make up the three-person pop band — all dressed in bright pink leather outfits. Kim almost forgets her choreography, but she seems incredibly comfortable standing next to the other cast members.

Although we may never see Kim Kardashian West singing and dancing again, it made for great content for SNL.


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