Rami Malek shows off funny side as SNL host

Here are the best moments and funniest skits from Rami Malek’s episode.

Rami Malek hosted “Saturday Night Live.” NBC

Rami Malek showed he can be funny in last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.” The Oscar-winning actor, who joined the cast to promote his new James Bond movie “No Time to Die,” has never gotten the chance to display his humorous side. But he put his comedy skills to the test and passed.

Malek, star of the TV show “Mr. Robot” and the film “Bohemian Rhapsody,” is known for his off-kilter performances and authentic impressions, and that translated seamlessly to awkward and quirky comedy. While his performance was quite different than this season’s previous hosts, last night’s show proved that the SNL cast and writers can adapt well to highlight each hosts’ strengths.


Here are the best moments and funniest skits from Rami Malek’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

Cold Open

The nation’s eyes have once again veered toward the NFL — this time in the wake of the Jon Gruden email scandal — and SNL tackled that head-on. The writers took jabs at how poorly the scandal was handled and how empty Gruden’s apology was, listing ridiculous excuses for the slurs in his emails including “getting burned from auto-correct.”

“I never meant to hurt anyone, I mean to hurt them secretly and behind their backs,” he said, which could have been taken straight out the Gruden’s actual press conference. During the skit, the mic is continually passed to different figures within the franchise and the NFL, like Larry Rucker — Gruden’s replacement who immediately resigns because “they just found my emails and they are so much worse.”

Ultimately, The Raider’s promise to “aim higher,” which they could have meaning on or off the field.

Opening Monologue

Malek is best known for serious, dramatic roles, so it was refreshing to see him relax and joke around for a change. He gave a shoutout to all the great villains of the movie industry: “Cruella, Maleficent, Bambi.” He said that he always sympathizes with the villains and doesn’t think they earn enough respect. At least somebody feels bad for them.


But as Malek points out, he suffers from “resting villain face” with his ironically big, staring eyes, so it makes sense that he’d rather play a villain than a hero.

Malek also gave a shoutout to his parents, who immigrated to California from Egypt, as well as his sister and twin brother, who Malek promised would take his place in one skit, but we’ll never know which one.


Malek shined the most as Todd — “the next big thing in dance” who shared the stage with international musician Angelo. The pair made a perfectly weird and wacky dream team as they asked the audience (which included Malek’s “No Time to Die” costar Daniel Craig) for a word and then sang and danced to it — but most of the time it was the incorrect word.

Malek was a great fit for his strange and quirky character given his unique look and awkward stature. He was able to lean into his strengths as an actor and thoroughly succeeded with this type of awkward comedy.

Although we never got to see Malek actually dance, he minimally shook his arms and waved colorful ribbons — diverting the audiences’ expectations that we would see some extravagant dancing performance.

Squid Game

The most popular show right now was the main target for SNL last night: “Squid Game.” The dark, thankfully fictional, series depicts a reality show game where if you lose the challenge you die. The SNL dream team of Malek and Pete Davidson acted as two poor farmers whose last hope was to go on the show, singing a sober country tune during their time.


The premise of the show is absurd, and the SNL cast took their time expressing that. The best moment of the skit was a deadly game of Red Light, Green Light, in which the music had to pause every time the creepy, giant robot-doll turned around to say “red light” before blasting people who dared to move.

In the end, Davidson kicked Malek off the glass bridge and took home the money — too bad for Farmer Malek.

Celeb School Game Show

Malek won an Oscar in 2019 for his impression of Freddy Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” He could have won a second for his impression of Pete Davidson on this episode of the “Celeb School Game Show.” In a spoof of “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader,” we find Malek playing Davidson and Davidson playing Malek — a genius funny swap out.

Malek nailed Davidson’s accent right down to the slur in his words — and Davidson’s wide-eyed performance of Malek drew laughs from the live crowd. Their banter was spot on throughout the entire skit.

Other solid impressions from this skit include George Takei, Lil Wayne, Adam Driver, Kristen Wiig, and Jennifer Coolidge.

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