Amy Schumer hosts SNL with musical guest Steve Lacy

The comedian returns for her third SNL hosting gig a few days before the pivotal midterm elections.

Host Amy Schumer during the Monologue on Saturday, November 5, 2022. Will Heath/NBC

Amy Schumer hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the third time last night—the last episode before the midterms. The comedian, actress, and writer hosted back in 2015 and in 2018, and has made a handful of cameos over the years. As a stand-up comedian and the writer and star of her own sketch show, “Inside Amy Schumer,” she had a particularly high bar to hit for last night’s episode.

Cold Open

The cold open poked some fun at the Democratic side of the aisle, as Joe Biden (James Austin Johnson) speaks about Tuesday’s election in Gen Z-esque language — “Big yikes. What’s going on?” Complaining that the party has no stars, he introduces some new Democratic celebrity candidates for Tuesday’s contest, like Guy Fieri (Molly Kearney), Stormy Daniels (Cecily Strong), Tracy Morgan (Keenan Thompson), and Azealia Banks (Ego Nwodim).


Schumer delivered a straightforward monologue, plugging her Hulu series “Life & Beth” and the return of “Inside Amy Schumer” and focusing most of the monologue on her husband and son. She joked about pregnancy and married sex. “I had this one friend telling me, ‘You gotta do prenatal yoga. It really helps with the birth,’ so I immediately signed up for a C-section,” she said, noting that her son “came out the sunroof.” She also spoke about her husband having autism spectrum disorder. 


While having lunch with friends (Ego Nwodim and Heidi Gardner), Amy Schumer can’t wait to eat her matzo ball soup—until Gardner tells them she’s separating from her husband. Now Schumer doesn’t know when it’s polite to start eating her soup, and Keenan Thompson plays her internal monologue. “How long must I wait to eat my soup without looking like an a-hole,” sings Keenan. “Hey, at least she’s not crying,” he sings. “Nevermind, she just started crying.”

Twitter Council

Taking on Elon Musk’s recent purchase and overhaul of Twitter, this sketch featured Twitter’s “only two Twitter employees who haven’t been laid off” as they reviewed previously banned Twitter accounts—something Musk is planning on implementing. They saw a COVID-denier who was banned for “posting hole” (Cecily Strong), a scam bot (Amy Schumer), and Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson). 


The sketch was timely following Twitter’s spotlight in the news cycle this past week, but lacked true satire, said Entertainment Weekly. Instead of going after the meat of the Twitter story, like billionaire Elon Musk or the issues of freedom of speech and the threats of misinformation, the sketch relied on a handful of impressions.

Steve Lacy 

R&B singer and songwriter Steve Lacy performed “Bad Habit” and “Helmet,” both off of his recent album “Gemini Rights.”

Weekend Update 

Colin Jost talked about Donald Trump Jr., Dr. Oz, the New York marathon, and the economy, while Michael Che took on Kyrie Irving, Herschel Walker, and China’s space station.

Cecily Strong appeared as “Tammy the Trucker,” who was there to talk about gas prices “and definitely not abortion.” During the bit she pretty much talked about abortion the whole time, describing truckers using their radios to warn other drivers to delete period tracking apps now that Roe v. Wade has gone to the “big pit stop in the sky.” Strong provided the night’s most earnest call to vote on Tuesday.

Big Penis Therapy

While playing Uno with friends, a husband and wife (Andrew Dismukes and Amy Schumer) discuss the benefits of therapy, which Dismukes recently started. Turns out it’s just regular therapy, but Dismukes needed a better reason to go. “Therapy always seemed so, I don’t know, fruity?” he said. “But then I heard about big penis therapy, for men with big old penises like mine.” The sketch poked lighthearted fun at the hesitancy men often have seeking help.


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