2023 fall TV preview: Your guide to new and returning shows

All of the 2023 TV premiere dates, including info on your favorite shows delayed by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

This image released by Paramount Network shows Kevin Costner in a scene from "Yellowstone." The Associated Press

This fall, the entire television landscape has been impacted by the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Even with the WGA contract now settled, the calendar of 2023 TV premiere dates is an unqualified mess, with studios trying every trick in the book to fill their schedules with programming not impacted by the work stoppages.

CBS is airing shows from other Viacom properties, including Season 1 of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” which premiered in 2018. The CW is importing shows from Canada, Germany, and other countries to show to American audiences for the first time. Fox is bringing back Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” after an eight-year hiatus. Every single network is going big on game shows, reality, and other unscripted programming.


Keeping track of when your favorite show is coming back is a struggle as well, with studios changing their minds about programming on a daily basis.

Last month, hosts Drew Barrymore and Bill Maher announced that their talk shows would be returning, before both changing their minds amidst criticism from union members. Since then, both shows have returned thanks to the WGA’s new contract, along with talk shows hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and the rest of the regular late-night hosts.

We’ve done our best to keep track of all of the 2023 TV premiere dates below, sorted into several categories. At the top of the list are shows that have scheduled premiere dates, followed by shows expected to debut in 2023 at an unknown date, and finally a list of shows that are unlikely to return in 2023.

Note: Any show that we’ve previously recommended in our weekly What to Watch guides will be marked with a popcorn emoji. 🍿

September 2023 TV premiere dates

September 1:
The Wheel of Time (Prime Video, Season 2) 🍿
Disenchantment (Netflix, Season 5)
Power Book IV: Force (Starz, Season 2)
Designed Defined (Magnolia Network, new series)

September 3:
Masterpiece: Unforgotten (PBS, Season 5)
Masterpiece: Van der Valk (PBS, Season 3)
Professor T (PBS, Season 2)
Ancient Empires (History, new series)


September 5:
One Shot: Overtime Elite (Prime Video, new series)
The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (Bravo, Season 4)
My Big Fat Fabulous Life (TLC, Season 11)
Welcome to Plathville (TLC, Season 5)
The View (Syndicated, Season 27)
Tamron Hall (Syndicated, Season 5)

September 6:
FC Barcelona: A New Era (Prime Video, Season 2)
Predators (Netflix, new series)
Reporting for Duty (Netflix, new series)
Tahir’s House (Netflix, new series)
Infamy (Netflix, new series)
6ixtynin9 The Series (Netflix, new series)
I Am Groot (Disney+, Season 2)
Never Let Him Go (Hulu, new series)
Evolution Earth (PBS, new series)
America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston (PBS, Season 2)
Nightwatch (A&E, Season 7)
Young Dylan (Nickelodeon, Season 4)
America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston (PBS, Season 2)
Crime Scene Confidential (Investigation Discovery/Max, Season 2)

September 7:
Virgin River (Netflix, Season 5)
Top Boy (Netflix, Season 3)
Kung Fu Panda (Netflix, Season 3)
Gamera Rebirth (Netflix, new series)
Dear Child (Netflix, new series)
Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+, Season 4) 🍿
The Dead Files (Travel Channel/Max, Season 12B)
Ride with Norman Reedus (AMC+, Season 6)

September 8:
The Changeling (Apple TV+, new series) 🍿

September 9:
Tiny Toons Looniversity (Cartoon Network/Max, new series)

September 10:
The Masked Singer (Fox, Season 10)
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (AMC, new series)
The Ride with Norman Reedus (AMC, Season 6)


September 12:
Jeopardy! (Syndication, Season 40)
Wheel of Fortune (Syndication, Season 41)
The Swarm (The CW, Season 1)
Welcome to Wrexham (FX, Season 2) 🍿
Football Must Go On (Paramount+, new series)
Michelle Wolf: It’s Great to Be Here (Netflix, new series)

September 13:
The Morning Show (Apple TV+, Season 3) 🍿
The Other Black Girl (Hulu, new series) 🍿
Wrestlers (Netflix, new series)
Class Act (Netflix, new series)
Bombay My Beloved (Prime Video, new series)
Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory (Disney+, new series)
Assisted Living (BET, Season 4B)
Caught in the Net (Investigation Discovery, Season 2)

September 14:
Big Brother (CBS, Season 25B)
Buddy Games (CBS, new series)
F#cking Social Media (Prime Video, new series)
Killer Coaster (Prime Video, new series)
Written in the Stars (Prime Video, new series)
Barbie: A Touch of Magic (Netflix, new series)
Dragons: The Nine Realms (Netflix, Season 7)
Thursday’s Widows (Netflix, new series)
Southern Charm (Bravo, Season 9)
No Demo Reno (HGTV, Season 3)

September 15:
Wilderness (Prime Video, new series) 🍿

September 16:
48 Hours (CBS, Season 36)
All Rise (OWN, Season 4; final season)
Love & Marriage: Huntsville (OWN, Season 6B)
WOW – Women Of Wrestling (Syndication, Season 2)

September 17:
60 Minutes (CBS, Season 56)
Yellowstone (CBS, Season 1 of Paramount Network series)
Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein (MGM+, new series)
The Gold (Showtime, Season 1)
Relative Race (BYUtv, Season 12)

September 18:
Neighbours (Amazon Freevee, new series)
Sherri (Syndication, Season 2)

September 19:
Name That Tune (Fox, Season 3)
I Can See Your Voice (Fox, Season 3)
The Super Models (Apple TV+, new series)
Thurston (PBS, Season 2)
Becoming Frida Kahlo (PBS, new series)


September 20:
American Horror Story (FX, Season 12)
The D’Amelio Show (Hulu, Season 3)

September 21:
The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS, Season 37)
Sex Education (Netflix, Season 4)
Young Love (Max, new series)
All Star Shore (MTV, Season 2)

September 22:
The Continental: From the World of John Wick (Peacock, new series)
Still Up (Apple TV+, new series)
Deadlocked: How America Shaped the Supreme Court (Showtime, new series)

September 24:
Krapopolis (Fox, new series)

September 25:
The Voice (NBC, Season 24)
The Irrational (NBC, new series)
Kitchen Nightmares (Fox, Season 8)
Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test (Fox, Season 2)
Let’s Make a Deal (CBS, Season 60)
The Price Is Right (CBS, Season 52)

September 26:
Dancing with the Stars (ABC, Season 32)
Celebrity Family Feud (ABC, Season 9)
Savior Complex (Max, new series)

September 27:
Celebrity Jeopardy! (ABC, Season 2)
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (ABC, Season 4)
Survivor (CBS, Season 45)
The Amazing Race (CBS, Season 35)
The Masked Singer (Fox, Season 10)
Snake Oil (Fox, new series)
Encounters (Netflix, new series)
Love in Fairhope (Hulu, new series)

September 28:
The Golden Bachelor (ABC, new series)
Bachelor in Paradise (ABC, Season 9)
Hell’s Kitchen (Fox, Season 22)
Lego Masters (Fox, Season 4)
The Kardashians (Hulu, Season 4)
Starstruck (Max, Season 3)
Castlevania (Netflix, new series)

September 29:
Shark Tank (ABC, Season 15)
20/20 (ABC, Season 46)
Dateline NBC (NBC, Season 32)
Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO, Season 22B)
Gen V (Prime Video, new series)
Interrupting Chicken (Apple TV+, Season 2)
Rebuilding Black Wall Street (OWN, new series)

October 2023 TV premiere dates

October 1:
America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC, Season 34)
The Simpsons (Fox, Season 35)
Bob’s Burgers (Fox, Season 14)
Family Guy (Fox, Season 22)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO, Season 10B)
Heist 88 (Showtime, new series)
Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror (Travel Channel, Season 2)


October 2:
Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC, Season 22)
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS, Season 9)
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC, Season 11)
Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBC, Season 11)
Fright Krewe (Hulu, new series)

October 3:
FBI True (CBS, Season 3 of Paramount+ series)
The Young and the Restless (CBS, Season 51)
Found (NBC, new series)
Catfish: The TV Show (MTV, Season 10)

October 4:
Magnum P.I. (NBC, Season 5)
Quantum Leap (NBC, Season 2)
Sullivan’s Crossing (The CW, Season 1)
The Spencer Sisters (The CW, Season 1)
Chucky (Syfy/USA Network, Season 2)
SurrealEstate (Syfy, Season 2)
Forged in Fire (History, Season 10)

October 5:
Lupin (Netflix, Season 1C)
Our Flag Means Death (Max, Season 2)

October 6:
Loki (Disney+, Season 2)
Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe (Prime Video, new series)
Undead Unluck (Hulu, new series)
The Unxplained (History, Season 6)
The Proof Is Out There (History, Season 4)

October 8:
The Circus (Showtime/Paramount+, Season 8)
90 Day Fiancé (TLC, Season 10)

October 9:
Lotería Loca (CBS, new series)

October 10:
Press Your Luck (ABC, Season 5)
Painkiller: The Tylenol Murders (Paramount+, new series)

October 11:
Messi Meets America (Apple TV+, new docuseries)
Big Vape (Netflix, new docuseries)
Pact of Silence (Netflix, new drama series)
4ever (Disney+, new drama series)
Ghost Adventures (Discovery, Season 27B)
Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room (Discovery, new docuseries)
Little Bird (PBS, Season 1)

October 12:
Transplant (NBC, Season 3)
Frasier (Paramount+, new series revival) 🍿
Love Is Blind (Netflix, Season 5)
Love Is Blind: After the Altar (Netflix)
The Fall of the House of Usher (Netflix, new series) 🍿
House of Villains (E!, new series)


October 13:
The Price Is Right at Night (CBS, Season 5)
Raid the Cage (CBS, new series)
Goosebumps (Disney+/Hulu, new series)
Lessons in Chemistry (Apple TV+, new series)
Suburban Screams (Peacock, new series)
Shining Vale (Starz, Season 2)

October 14:
Saturday Night Live (NBC, Season 49) 🍿

October 15:
Billy the Kid (MGM+, Season 2)
Rick and Morty (Adult Swim, Season 7) 🍿
Naked and Afraid (Discovery/Discovery+, Season 16)
Masterpiece: World on Fire (PBS, Season 2)
Masterpiece: Annika (PBS, Season 2)
Hotel Portofino (PBS, Season 2)
The Toys that Build America (History, Season 3)

October 16:
FBoy Island (The CW, Season 3)
The Daily Show (Comedy Central, Season 28B)
The American Buffalo (PBS, new series)
The Kelly Clarkson Show (Syndication, Season 5)
The Drew Barrymore Show (Syndication, Season 4)

October 17:
The Oval (BET, Season 5)
Celebrity Squares (VH1, new series)
Street Outlaws vs. the World: After Hours (Discovery, Season 2)

October 18:
Living for the Dead (Hulu, new series)
Nature (PBS, Season 42)
Ms. Pat Settles It (BET, new series)

October 19:
Son of a Critch (The CW, Season 2)
Run the Burbs (The CW, Season 2)
Everyone Else Burns (The CW, Season 1)
Wolf Like Me (Peacock, Season 2)
Neon (Netflix, new series)
Scavengers Reign (Max, new series)
Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix (Netflix, new series)

October 20:
Upload (Prime Video, Season 3)
Big Mouth (Netflix, Season 7) 🍿
Elite (Netflix, Season 7)
Next at the Kennedy Center (PBS, Season 2)

October 22:
Fear the Walking Dead (AMC, Season 8b; final season)

October 23:
30 Coins (Max, Season 2)

October 24:
Winter House (Bravo, new series)
Krishnas: Gurus. Karma. Murder (Peacock, new series)
Spy in the Ocean (PBS, new series)


October 25:
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo, Season 13)
The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion (MTV, Season 39)
Pawn Stars Do America (History, Season 2)
Native America (PBS, Season 2)

October 26:
American Horror Stories (FX/Hulu, new series)

October 27:
Penn & Teller: Fool Us (The CW, Season 10)
Fellow Travelers (Showtime/Paramount+, new series)
Shoresy (Hulu, Season 2) 🍿
Diary of an Old Home (Max/Discovery+, Season 3)
Curses! (Apple TV+, new animated series)
The Enfield Poltergeist (Apple TV+, new series)

October 28:
Masters of Illusion (The CW, Season 10)
World’s Funniest Animals (The CW, Season 4)

October 29:
The Gilded Age (HBO, Season 2)

November 2023 TV premiere dates

November 1:
Black Cake (Hulu, new series)
Love Island Games (Peacock, new dating series)
Ink Master (Paramount+, Season 15)

November 2:
SEAL Team (CBS, Season 5 of Paramount Network series)
All the Light We Cannot See (Netflix, new series)

November 3:
Let’s Make a Deal Primetime (CBS, Season 4)
The Wall (NBC, Season 4)
Blue Eye Samurai (Netflix, new series)
Selling Sunset (Netflix, Season 7)
Invincible (Prime Video, Season 2)

November 5:
The Real Housewives of Potomac (Bravo, Season 8)
Married to Medicine (Bravo, Season 10)
Lawmen: Bass Reeves (Paramount+, new series)

November 8:
The Buccaneers (Apple TV+, new series)
The Santa Clauses (Disney+, Season 2)
Fixer Upper: The Hotel (Max, new series)
Escaping Twin Flames (Netflix, new series)
De La Calle (Paramount+, new series)

November 9:
Rap Sh!t (Max, Season 2)
Colin from Accounts (Paramount+, Season 1)

November 10:
For All Mankind (Apple TV+, Season 4) 🍿
The Curse (Showtime, new series)

November 14:
NCIS: Sydney (CBS, new series)
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (The CW, Season 13)
Chopped: Julia Child’s Kitchen (Food Network, new series)
A Murder at the End of the World (FX/Hulu, new series)


November 16:
Ghosts UK (CBS, Season 1)
Drive with Swizz Beatz (Hulu, new series)
The Crown (Netflix, Season 6A; final season) 🍿

November 17:
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (Netflix, new series)

November 18:
Prosecuting Evil with Kelly Siegler (Oxygen, new series)

November 20:
Spellbound (Hulu, Season 1B)

November 21:
Fargo (FX/Hulu, Season 5) 🍿

November 22:
Squid Game: The Challenge (Netflix, new series)

November 26:
Faraway Downs (Hulu, new series)

November 29:
The Artful Dodger (Hulu, new series)

November TBA:
Yellowstone (Paramount Network, Season 5B) 🍿
Doctor Who (Disney+, Season 15)
The Secret Life of Dancing Dogs (Hulu, new series)

December 2023 TV premiere dates

December 1:
Slow Horses (Apple TV+, Season 3) 🍿
Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Starz, Season 3)

December 3:
Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen (PBS, Season 1)

December 7:
Hilda (Netflix, Season 3)

December 14:
The Crown (Netflix, Season 6B; final season) 🍿

December 20:
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Disney+, new series)

December TBA:
Reacher (Prime Video, Season 2) 🍿
What If …? (Disney+, Season 2)
The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip (Peacock, Season 4)
Dr. Death (Peacock, Season 2)
Ted (Peacock, new series)

Expected Fall 2023 premiere dates (TBA)

9-1-1 (ABC, Season 7)
Abbott Elementary (ABC, Season 3) 🍿
Claim to Fame (ABC, Season )
The Good Doctor (ABC, Season 7)
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, Season 20)
The Rookie (ABC, Season 6)
Station 19 (ABC, Season 7)
Will Trent (ABC, Season 2)
American Idol (ABC, Season 7)
The Bachelor (ABC, Season 28)
The $100,000 Pyramid (ABC, Season 6)
Judge Steve Harvey (ABC, Season 3)
What Would You Do? (ABC, Season 16)
The Conners (ABC, Season 6)
Not Dead Yet (ABC, Season 2)
The Santa Clauses (Disney+, Season 2)
Julia (Max, Season 2)
Bookie (Max, new series)
Scavengers Reign (Max, new series)
King Charles (CNN, new series)
The Talk (Syndication, Season 14)
The Jennifer Hudson Show (Syndication, Season 2)

Delayed 2023 TV premiere dates

Bob ♥ Abishola (CBS, Season 5)
NCIS (CBS, Season 21)
NCIS: Hawai’i (CBS, Season 3)
FBI (CBS, Season 6)
FBI: International (CBS, Season 3)
FBI: Most Wanted (CBS, Season 5)
Ghosts (CBS, Season 2)
The Neighborhood (CBS, Season 6)
So Help Me Todd (CBS, Season 2)
Elsbeth (CBS, new drama series)
S.W.A.T. (CBS, Season 7)
Young Sheldon (CBS, Season 6)
Fire Country (CBS, Season 2)
Blue Bloods (CBS, Season 14)
CSI: Vegas (CBS, Season 3)
Fire Country (CBS, Season 2)
Lingo (CBS, Season 2)
Matlock (CBS, new series)
The Equalizer (CBS, Season 4)
The Challenge: USA (CBS, Season 2B)


Night Court (NBC, Season 2)
Extended Family (NBC, new series)
Chicago Med (NBC, Season 9)
Chicago Fire (NBC, Season 12)
Chicago P.D. (NBC, Season 11)
Law & Order (NBC, Season 23)
Law & Order: SVU (NBC, Season 25)
Lopez vs. Lopez (NBC, Season 2)

Accused (Fox, Season 2)
Alert: Missing Persons Unit (Fox, Season 2)
Animal Control (Fox, Season 2)
Next Level Chef (Fox, Season 2)
9-1-1: Lone Star (Fox, Season 5)
The Cleaning Lady (Fox, Season 3)
Doc (Fox, new series)
Rescue: HI-Surf (Fox, new series)
The Great North (Fox, Season 4)
Grimsburg (Fox, Season 2)
That ’90s Show (Fox, Season 2)
Farmer Wants a Wife (Fox, Season 2)
Lego Masters: Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular (Fox, Season 2)
We Are Family (Fox, new series)

The CW:
All American (The CW, Season 6)
FGirl Island (The CW, new series)

HBO / Max:
Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO, Season 12)
Doom Patrol (Max, Season 4B)
Love & Translation (Max, new series)

Pokémon Concierge (Netflix, new series)
Ripley (Netflix, new series)

Amazon / Prime Video:
Watch Out for the Big Grrrls (Prime Video, Season 2)
Twin Love (Prime Video/Freevee, new series)
Outer Range (Prime Video, Season 2)
007’s Road to a Million (Prime Video, new series)
Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis (Amazon Freevee, Season 2)

Apple TV+:
Lady in the Lake (Apple TV+, new series)
Masters of the Air (Apple TV+, new series)

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew (Disney+, new series)
Choir (Disney+, new series)

Orlando Bloom: To the Edge (Peacock, new series)
The Tipping Point
(Peacock/MSNBC, new series)
Reginald the Vampire (Syfy/Peacock, Season 2)
Resident Alien (Syfy/Peacock, Season 2)
The Ark (Syfy/Peacock, Season 2)


The Turkish Detective (Paramount+, new series)
Knuckles (Paramount+, new series)

Brawn: The Impossible Formula One Story (Hulu, new series)
Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story (Hulu, new series)
Culprits (Hulu, new series)
Rachael Ray’s Rebuild (Hulu, new series)
Shо̄gun (FX/Hulu, new series)
The Sterling Affairs (FX/Hulu, new series)


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