Today in adorable puns: Franklin Park Zoo to hold ‘PreZOOdential Election’

We’re not lion.

Already sick of the current batch of presidential candidates? If you dislike today’s partisan politics, enjoy dad jokes, and like animals, we might have something for you.

From February 15-19, the Franklin Park Zoo is bringing back its PreZOOdential Election, which will determine the “President of the Zoo’’ for the next four years, and they each have a “platform’’ they’re running on. Here are the candidates:

Humphrey, Andean condor – Platform: Wildlife protection

Dinari, African lion – Platform: Civic pride

Anala, tiger – Platform: Habitat protection

Rumba, Randall lineback cow – Platform: Local farming

Kiki, western lowland gorilla – Platform: Early childhood education


Maxine, Linne’s two-toed sloth – Platform: Energy conservation

Children will be able to vote and make campaign signs throughout the week in the zoo’s Tropical Forest. The winner will be announced on Saturday, February 20 with an inauguration party to follow. For more information on the candidates, visit the Franklin Park Zoo website. Happy voting.

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