This snowboarding photo is so Boston

The photographer tells us how he got the shot.

As skiers and snowboarders were lining up for practice runs down the giant ramp at Fenway Park, Billie Weiss was lining up to capture some memorable photos, including this one.

Weiss, a staff photographer for the Red Sox, was in the park for Wednesday’s practice runs, a day ahead of the two-day Polartec Big Air at Fenway event.

Weiss talked to about how he got the shot.

“I was doing a lap around the entire stadium yesterday…trying to scout out the best locations to shoot the competition,’’ Weiss said. “From an imagery standpoint, this event is all about context and using the landmarks we have available to our advantage, so markers like the Citgo sign, the Prudential Center and city skyline, and the Fenway Park facade are some of our most valuable assets.


“I found the best spot to line up the Citgo sign in the back, and fired a few test frames.’’

As snowboarder Julia Merino was airborne in the middle of a backflip, Weiss got what he was looking for.

Weiss’s work, including many more shots from the Big Air event, is featured on his and Fenway Park’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Billie Weiss on Twitter: @bjweiss22 and on Instagram: @bjweiss22

Fenway Park on Twitter: @fenwaypark and on Instagram: @fenwaypark

More photos from Big Air practice round at Fenway:

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