Not into romance? Here are six Valentine’s Day events you can attend in Boston this weekend

Thanks to an improv show, an oddity market, a bar crawl (and more), this Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about love.

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If you’re the kind of person that isn’t too keen on Valentine’s Day, Boston will be a good place for you this weekend. Whether you’re single, not into love, or flat-out against everything that the holiday represents, there’s some aromantic (or anti-romantic) event for you to attend the weekend of the 14th.

1) Love SUX party at Howl at the Moon

If you have a nasty ex and are sick of cover fees at clubs, Howl at the Moon has a deal for you. A “shredded, torn, or mutilated photo’’ of your ex will grant you free admission to their Love SUX party, where fellow anti-romancers will be dancing their faces off. No Dean Martin, dinner specials, or canoodling couples allowed.


The Love SUX party will be held Friday, February 12 at Howl at the Moon Boston, 184 High Street.

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2) “Your Terrible Ex!’’ Free Improv Shows at the Riot Theater

At the drop of a hat, Riot’s Improv comedians will build scenes based off of audience members’ terrible relationships. Do this instead of sending your ex an angry text message.

“Your Terrible Ex!’’ Will take place Friday, February 12 at 10 p.m. The Riot Theater is located at 146A South St. in Jamaica Plain.

3) “Valentine’s Gras’’ Bar Crawl

This Faneuil-area bar crawl combines the best parts of Mardi Gras (heavy drinking, food, lots of people) and Valentine’s Day (tacky mementos, the color pink). Tickets to the crawl get you free admission to each bar, a drink for $3 or less at every stop, and tacky souvenirs. Participating bars have not yet been announced.

The Valentine’s Gras Bar Crawl will take place Saturday, February 13 at noon. General admission tickets are $23 as of press time.

4) Love Sucks Oddity Market

Scour through consignment pieces and uncommon goods at a pop-up sale hosted by art gallery/tattoo parlor Eridanos. Items are supplied by Bad Moon Consignment and Our Lady of Reclamation, and past Oddity Markets have sold things like animal skulls, mini-coffin trinkets, and ouija boards.


The Love Sucks Oddity Market will take place Saturday, February 13 from noon to 6 p.m. Eridanos is located at 36 Prospect St. in Cambridge.

5) “Single and Bitter’’ Valentine’s Day Classes at the Gypsy Rose

There’s no better way to reject mainstream romance than with pole dancing classes. Gypsy Rose’s Single and Bitter classes will teach you pole moves, various routines, and how to pick up a dollar bill with your butt (seriously).

Multiple Single and Bitter Valentine’s Day Classes are being held on February 13 and 14 at the Gypsy Rose Pole Dancing Lessons, 1 Braintree St, Allston. Tickets are $35.

6) “Love is a Dog From Hell’’ at the Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge

Inspired by Bukowski himself, the hot dogs at this cash-only dive are getting renamed. One such dog: the “Six Foot Goddess,’’ a foot-long hotdog topped with cilantro Green Goddess dressing, Texas chili, and cheese. Being bitter never tasted so good.

“Love is a Dog From Hell’’ specials will be served from Friday, February 12 to Sunday, February 14 at the Bukowski Tavern in Cambridge, 1281 Cambridge Street.

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