Scientists, astronauts, Jeff Bezos set to gather at JFK Library to mark moon landing anniversary

Astronaut Edwin “Buzz’’ Aldrin Jr. walked on the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969. –AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Astronauts, scientists, academics, and business leaders including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will converge on the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum on June 19 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

The JFK Space Summit will feature panels and talks focused on the history of space exploration as well as its future, the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation announced in a statement Thursday.

According to the statement, speakers and guests include Bezos, Apollo 11 Lunar Command Module Commander Michael Collins, former NASA head Charles Bolden, MIT vice president of research Maria Zuber, Worcester Polytechnic Institute president Laurie Leshin, and astronauts from the United States and three foreign countries.


“We are thrilled to bring together such an extraordinary group of people to celebrate one of the greatest achievements in human history,’’ honorary president of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Caroline Kennedy said in the statement. “I hope that this program inspires new generations to come together, set ambitious goals, and renew our civic commitment to solving the problems of our time.’’

The June summit is part of a yearlong celebration of the space program planned by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, according to the statement. The Globe is one of the summit’s sponsors.

Those plans include another celebration of the moon landing anniversary to be held at the JFK Library on July 20 (the Eagle landed on the moon July 20, 1969), as well as a nationwide college speaker series featuring NASA personnel and a national program to allow students to conduct experiments similar to ones performed on the International Space Station,, according to the statement.

A schedule for the June event is available on the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum website.