Photos: Warren Buffett talked management, markets, and more at Fenway Park

The Berkshire Hathaway chief executive shared his wisdom and experience with a group of Boston business leaders in a wide-ranging discussion. This is the latest installment in a curated lunch series presented by HUBweek and Check out photos from the event below.

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett spoke at a HubWeek Curated Conversation at Fenway Park on Thursday, Dec. 5. Photo by Aram Boghosian

Warren Buffett video

A spoof video depicting Buffett on the mound at Fenway played prior to the talk, drawing laughs from attendees.

The conversation began with Buffett discussing his personal history then moved into his investment, management, and business philosophies.

Linda Henry and Warren Buffett

The conversation was led by Linda Pizzuti Henry, managing director of Boston Globe Media Partners, who asked Buffett about topics ranging from leadership and investing, to politics and pop culture, to life and happiness.

Linda Henry and Warren Buffett

Henry and Buffett during the conversation.


Crowd at the event

Business leaders from industries across Boston packed a clubhouse to listen in.

HubSpot chief executive Brian Halligan

HubSpot chief executive Brian Halligan asked Buffett what he looks for in a CEO. “They’ve really got to be in love with the business,” Buffett said.

Jason Kelly

Jason Kelly, the CEO and co-founder of Ginkgo Bioworks, asked Buffett for his thoughts on offering stock ownership plans to employees. Buffett said he’s observed mixed results. “The best people don’t work for money. They want to be treated fairly,” he said.

John Henry

John Henry, who owns Boston Globe Media Partners and the Red Sox, asked Buffett for his thoughts on how governments have worked to avoid recessions over the past decade. “Those in the room with 50 years to live will see one — if not two — panics during their lifetimes,” Buffett said.

Warren Buffett

Buffett chuckled throughout the discussion.

Fenway Park

Fenway’s outfield provided a scenic backdrop for the afternoon.


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