Anya Hindmarch Releases Solange-Related Slogan


Accessories designer Anya Hindmarch debuted a very sly new slogan for their Crisp Packet Clutch. You see, Solange Knowles paired her custom 3.1 Phillip Lim party dress with a gold version of the mirror metallic handbag at the Met Ball, and it was again seen in the now-infamous video of her beating the crap out of Jay Z in the Standard Hotel elevator. In fact, there’s one moment when she appears to use the bag as a weapon — it does look pretty sharp — before it drops to the ground and spills its contents on the floor.

The slogan reads: The Crisp Packet Clutch: Worth Fighting For.


Making light of a sad situation? Perhaps. But to be fair, the bag was a talking point for many media outlets who covered the fight (so, everyone) and it’s been misreported several times before Anya finally set it right.

The Guardian reported: “ Uh-huh. Pretty much as soon as they got in, Solange started screaming at Jay Z, attacked him with a hail of punches and kicks, and whacked him with a diamante clutch bag.’’

And then Page Six reported that the bag may have even become the weapon of choice: “Jay Z calmly picks up the small purse and tries to hand it back to his sister-in-law, but his wife quickly intervenes and grabs it to hold instead.’’

NPR even published an exclusive “Interview with the Alleged Purse of Solange Knowles,’’ in which the purse obviously can’t talk about its role in the attack without its lawyer present: “And fortunately, you don’t have to, because of CLIENT-BAG PRIVILEGE. I’m saying. If they interviewed your bag right now, you wouldn’t want it to tell everyone that there’s still a bag from a filled prescription in it.’’

So, maybe Anya deserves to have a little fun on the behalf of a family/couple falling out in one of the most horrendous violations of privacy ever, too.


… Whatever, it’s funny:

h/t The Telegraph

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