Anonymous Instagrammer Behind YouDidNotEatThat Speaks Out

Well... we can’t claim that we aren’t guilty.
Well... we can’t claim that we aren’t guilty.

Fashion has always relatively wishy-washy relationship with food — bread shaming is very real, people — and while it’s a delicate subject to breach, we suppose it was only a matter of time before someone called out that image-conscious fashion blogger on whether they’re planning to consume all 20 macarons posted on their Instagram, or just take pictures of it.

An anonymous account named @YouDidNotEatThat hit Instagram just a few weeks ago and just yesterday gave a (still) anonymous interview with New York Magazine’s The Cut about the method behind her madness. The account works simply enough. She reposts food photos taken by/featuring fashion-focused Instagrammers — celebrities, bloggers, editors, models, no one is save! — and calls it “B.S.’’ (The Cut refers to the user as female.) She currently has more than 24,000 followers.


Here are a few examples:

The captions range from tongue-in-cheek funny (Gisele eating an enormous bowl of spaghetti? “No caption necessary.’’) to just plain mean spirited. The above shot of Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Emily Schuman double fisting bags of bagels got the account blocked by the blogger after she posted the caption, “Oh my gosh look they come already in their own little trash bags! How convenient!!’’

But why does she do it? Apparently to call out the undeniable, over-arching level of contrivance that comes with living a stylized life where every day is a fashion shoot.

She told the Cut:

A month ago I saw dozens of bloggers swarming a dessert table, taking pictures and spending five minutes merchandizing the sunglasses next to the macarons. Then they walked away and nothing was eaten. It was so contrived! When you see something so often and you know that there’s a group of people who are kind of rolling their eyes about it, it’s just — it’s time to say something. Frankly, I was shocked when I went onto Instagram and the name was available. It’s just gotten so silly and formulaic.

She goes on to cite the calculated efforts that go into composing the cliche fashion Instagram photograph that inspired her to create the account. She says, “People buy a box of macarons, or doughnuts, or an ice cream. They photograph it in front of some big landmark, like the Eiffel Tower … and there’s always a very calculated stack of rings and bracelets, maybe a French bulldog, and it’s like, Boom, I’ve got a successful Instagram post!’’

While fashion instagram cliches — and instagram cliches in general — are totally fair game for parody and even criticism, what seems concerning about this account is its constant focus on food and the belief that a thin, well-heeled woman wouldn’t consume an entire box of macarons in one sitting or eat a singular pink frosted doughnut while getting a manicure.


When asked if she saw the account as “thin-shaming,’’ she replied, “If you’re a size zero, and you’re frolicking in a tiny bikini on the beach, you probably did not eat the doughnuts that you posed with the sunglasses. It’s just presenting this curated life that’s beautiful and perfect and totally unrealistic.’’

While some bloggers have blocked or fought back against the claims, others have embraced the attention — something the anonymous account holder also appears to relish in, claiming Lucky editor-in-chief Eva Chen and Into the Gloss blogger Emily Weiss are “in on it.’’

But cliches and hat tips aside, is it good for fashion to perpetuate the belief that women at the top of their game in the industry don’t eat an amazing ice cream cone or a greasy cheeseburger — even just sometimes? Even if it’s such a momentous occassion that they felt the need to carefully style and photograph it for Instagram?

Because I’ve seen some major fashion players hoover a cup of Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding like there’s no tomorrow — so that’s some B.S. I’m calling on my own.

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