New Cocktail Ring Aims to Keep You Connected

We’ve shown you the sunglasses that notify you via app that you’re about to leave them behind — and now a company named Ringly introduced their first run of cocktail rings with built-in mobile alert technology.

The rings are surprisingly very attractive and wearable, unlike many other technology-driven fashion products (cough — Google Glass — cough) and their distinguishable indicator is discreet and tiny as a pinhead, only lighting or vibrating when it receives user-chosen alerts.

Each Ringly ring features a bluetooth receiver that can be programmed via an app and users can set color and vibration patterns for specific alerts. For example, texts from your BFF can blink a certain color while a phone call can set the ring to vibrate. Ringly can also sync up to other notification-driven apps on your phone like Uber, Instagram, and Tinder, so every time you receive a new match it can blink black to indicate a new opportunity to make poor life decisions — just kidding.


The ring itself is pretty simple in design and concept, which we suppose is the key to its appeal. Ringly co-founder Christina Mercando told that the idea for the product came to her after she “kept missing calls from her family because she had her phone tucked away in her purse.’’ Their website pushes the ring as an opportunity to tuck your phone away and receive notifications without staring at a screen all day — or as they phrase it, “let you put your phone away and your mind at ease.’’

However, Fast Company reasons:

If the point of stashing your phone away is to be polite, then wouldn’t wearing your texts on your finger exacerbate the issue? Sure, maybe, probably. But if you’re the sort of person who cares about being polite, you probably aren’t terribly worried about missing a call or two, and you wouldn’t buy Ringly to begin with.

Ringly rings retail for $145-$185 for pre-orders, and the company plans to raise the price to $195-$245 once the product officially launches this fall. The rings are relatively simple albeit a bit bulky, made with “18K matte gold 3 micron plating using precious and semi-precious stones.’’ The first run of 1,000 rings features a diamond embedded by the indicator light.

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