Man Will Get Married in a Custom Lululemon Tuxedo

Lululemon Athletica Inc's logo is pictured at its store in downtown Vancouver.
Lululemon Athletica Inc's logo is pictured at its store in downtown Vancouver. –REUTERS

A Chicago man named Todd Mombach will walk down the aisle in December — and he’s wearing lululemon.

The yoga brand answered Mombach’s request posted on their “Hey lululemon’’ customer forum back in December. He wrote: “How many people hate to dress up because they get WAY TOO HOT and uncomfortable. I for one do. I’m engaged and getting married soon… LULU DESIGN MY TUX!’’

The Canadian athletic apparel company answered Mombach’s pleas and delivered a one-of-a-kind tuxedo by their in-house designer Cara Sumpton just months later. The masterpiece was deemed “Todd Tux.’’

Todd Tux is not just any tuxedo. No. Sumpton posted a rundown of its many features before sending it on its way to the groom-to-be:

Suit pimping complete!!! Embroidered labels, flask pocket, cigar pocket, reflective pocket square…. Todd, I shared this picture on my instagram, and all the boys are SOOO jealous!! Also please note that I was having a little happy hour beer while working on this, so my apologies if the stitching isn’t quiiite perfect 😉

Somerlea is sending this to you this week, so expect to get it very soon! One thing – please promise us that you will press the shit out of this before the big day!! The fabric is 4-way-stretch, wicking and breathable, so it doesn’t really wrinkle, but it looks a little softer than most suits, and we want to make sure you look extra cripsy on your big day! Enjoy! Cara


Here is Todd Tux on a model:

Mombach told Yahoo! Shine that lululemon’s dedication and delivery of the project took him by surprise. But he said feedback and reactions “have been out of this world’’ — as, “no one has seen, or even heard, of anything like it.’’

Quite right.

No word on Mombach’s future bride’s feelings on the whole scenario, but we wouldn’t think twice if a request for a matching knit wedding gown pops up before their big day.

h/t Yahoo! Shine

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