When Her Daugher Was Sent Home for Violating Dress Code, This Mother Did Something Awesome

A North Carolina teen named Violet Burkhart was sent home on her last day of senior year because the teachers deemed her dress “half an inch too short.’’ The school called her mother and said Burkhart, with two hours left in the day, had to “go home and change.’’

While dress code violations may not always be newsworthy — no matter how often they border on questionably sexist and subjective — what Burkhart’s mother did next really is.

Amy Redwine told MyFox8.com, that while she didn’t oppose to the school’s dress code, she thought the situation could have been handled in a different way, especially since her daughter had worn the dress to class without problems before. “If I thought the dress was inappropriate, I would have never allowed for her to wear the dress,’’ she said.


To support her daughter’s decision, Redwine decided to wear the dress in question — which honestly is fairly modest if you look at what’s available in stores these days — to the school’s graduation ceremony. “If her dress is too short, my dress is too short,’’ she told Fox 8. “I’m going to wear it in front of everybody and be proud, just like she should have been able to on her last day.’’

h/t Refinery 29

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