Think Twice Before Donating Your Juicy Couture Sweatpants

Juicy Couture has become an iconic brand of tracksuit, but will now be closing all of its stores.
Juicy Couture has become an iconic brand of tracksuit, but will now be closing all of its stores. –SCREENSHOT

Magazine-rack tabloids featuring images of celebrities in vibrant colored tracksuits with bedazzled “Juicy’’ print bottoms, may be coming to and end.

Last week, Juicy Couture, a brand most famous for its velvet tracksuits, announced that it would be closing all of its US stores, according to Racked.

The stores are expected to be closed by the end of June.

Don’t worry people of the world, Racked reported that Juicy will still be available internationally and at Kohl’s.

But, don’t take this news lightly. Juicy was more than just comfortable, jewel encrusted leisure wear. It was, well, a symbol of American tabloids.


New York Magazine said:

“The rise of the Juicy tracksuit coincided with the emergence of a particular kind of tabloid coverage; Us went from monthly to weekly in 2000, InTouch arrived in 2002, and Life & Style came out in 2004. With the help of blogs like Perez Hilton (2001), the invention of YouTube (2005), and the birth of TMZ (2005), fans could easily see the rich and famous looking their absolute laziest.’’

See, celebrities are humans just like us!

New York Magazine also noted that Juicy was the uniform of early 2000s reality TV:

“Immortalizing this high point in American leisurewear, celebutantes and “It’’ girls starred in a number of reality TV shows that involved a lot of lounging, such as The Simple Life, Newlyweds, The Gastineau Girls, the Real Housewives franchise, Laguna Beach, and The Hills. From the start, life (in sweats) imitated art. Eva Longoria’s character on Desperate Housewives wore Juicy sweats, but so did real Eva Longoria at the grocery store.’’

Juicy showed us that reality TV maybe was pretty real.

Though, fortunately, Juicy lovers and the Real Housewives will still be able to get their velvet, bedazzled swag at Kohl’s, but they will not be able to strut into the glamour of a Juicy Couture-only store.

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