That J.Crew Gingham Shirt Has an Instagram Account Now

Why do men love blue gingham shirts? Specifically, this one.

I’m willing to bet that there is no bar in Cambridge or Boston or Somerville that has any less thanfive men wearing some variation of this blue gingham shirt on any given Saturday night. But why?

Gingham is a little more clean-cut than flannel, a little more fashion-forward than plain ‘ol French blue, a little more weekend than pinstripe, and doesn’t quite say “Hey I’m a total preppy asshole,’’ like madras. And blue — blue is just friendly.

Gingham shirt guy orders an Old Fashioned like Don Draper, but he really just wants a gin and tonic.


Gingham shirt guy says he’s training for a triathalon next spring, but he’s actually watching the Kardashians on an elliptical.

Gingham shirt guy has an “I Support NPR’’ bumper sticker on his car, but he’s really only reading Sandwich Monday.

Gingham shirt guy isn’t a bad guy. He’s often great. But he’s also everyone. I tried to think of the female equivalent, and failed — but if you figure it out, please alert me.

Once I asked a guy (and his brother, who was wearing the same shirt) why he chose to wear the shirt and he replied with something like, “Dunno. It was clean.’’

A similar grumbling went down in the office when I asked the men around me.

But we all know that’s not why you wore the shirt.

I guess it’s just a good shirt. It’s seasonless. It’s stylish. It looks good on almost everyone.

And now it has its own Instagram, @thatjcrewginghamshirt.

No word on if J.Crew has endorsed the account or plans to — but honestly, they really should.

h/t The Cut

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