Here’s everything we know about the Lululemon Warehouse Sale

You want details. We got them from the people who are running the show.

Alas, the Hunger Games are upon us. And by Hunger Games, we mean the three-day, monumental shopping showdown known as Lululemon’s warehouse sale. It’s happening at an almost unfathomable capacity (the Facebook page anticipates people will fly into town for this), yet the details out there are so sparse:

The hours of operation: Friday, October 16: 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (last entry at 7 p.m.) Saturday, October 17: 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (last entry at 7 p.m.) Sunday, October 18: 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (last entry at 7 p.m., based on inventory)


Sales are final: Sorry.

Payment options are credit and debit only: That means Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and zero cash. Also, bring a photo ID.

And that’s all that you’ll really find on the warehouse sale’s Facebook page. But just for you, dear shopper, we tracked down Lauren Soltau, area community manager at Lululemon, and Julie Costa, store manager at the Natick Collection store and the community lead on the warehouse sale, both of whom worked on assembling the massive shopping event.

“We don’t throw too many of these, but every event gets even bigger,’’ Soltau said. The last Lululemon warehouse sale was in Minneapolis in 2014, and 6,700 people RSVP’d. For the “Beantown Throwdown,’’ 17,000 people have RSVP’d (no stress!).



Yes, the bargains are going to vary. “We’re not letting any prices out to the public beforehand,’’ Costa said. “To be honest, I don’t even know them myself. I just know that it’s definitely a difference from what you see in store.’’

Update: Prices for women’s attire are as follows:Tops Tanks/Bodysuits: $29 SS-LS Tops: $39 Jackets/Vests: $69 Bras: $24 Dresses: $59 Outerwear: $99 Swim Bras: $19 Swim shorts: $19 Bottoms Crops: $49 Shorts/Skirts: $29 Pants: $59 Accessories Headwear: $9 Socks: $9 Underwear: $9 Mats: $19 Bags: $59 Athletic accessories: $19 Waterbottles: $19

Yes, you can expect a huge range of products. It’s a warehouse, after all. The warehouse sale, not to be confused with Lululemon outlets, does not just feature past-season products. “It actually runs the gamut,’’ Soltau said. They’ll have everything from women’s, men’s, accessories, and also Ivivva, a line inspired by active girls.


Products will be restocked on a rolling basis as items are bought. “We’ll keep restocking our inventory as we go,’’ Costa said. “We have like a backroom in the hall, so that way we have people restocking. … So it’s not like whatever’s there [Thursday], that’s it. We’ll be restocking all weekend, and the goal is [to be left with] nothing.’’ So basically, they’ll be restocking as necessary until they run out.

Absolutely, positively, 100-percent expect a line. And get comfortable in it. “The line is going to start outside the front entrance of the Hynes. The Boston Police Department and the Hynes security is going to be controlling it,’’ Costa said. Also note that the line does start outside, but once you’re inside, you’re not even in the clear yet—you’re moved to a hall next door, per Costa, and there’s another line there before you go into the sale.


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Fret not: People waiting in line will have stuff to do. According to Costa, “We partnered with a bunch of local boxing gyms, and outside there will be live entertainment. … There’ll be fitness contests, and the winner of the contests will get to go to the front of the line.’’ There will also be food trucks, so get on board with that.

Shoppers are limited to 25 pieces per visit. (Sorry.) But 25 pieces equals a lot of pieces. This does not include Ivivva pieces, however. Shoppers can get up to 25 Ivivva pieces in addition to 25 max men’s and women’s products, combined. Costa stressed that these numbers are per visit, meaning if a shopper bought 25 pieces and wanted more, he or she could get back in line or come back a different day.


The earlier you go, the better. (Obviously.) “I would go first day because you get first dibs,’’ Costa said. “I wouldn’t wait until Sunday [because] it’s just less likely that the product [you] want will be there.’’ Also note that a private VIP shop night is happening tonight before the real sale starts.

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Of course, getting access is only half the battle. So we also tapped local stylist and personal shopper Nathalie Fanfan for tips on navigating the chaos.


1. Know what you’re gunning for going into it. “Make sure you have a good idea of what items you actually need, not so much want,’’ Fanfan said. “It’s helpful to make a small list of products that attract your interest.’’ Oh, and style tip: “Before you buy lime volt or raspberry magenta colored workout clothes, make sure you already have some black, gray, white, and navy colored clothing,’’ she said.


2. If you’re buying for others (ahem, holidays!), make a list. “Write down options of what you can get them and what your budget is for each person,’’ Fanfan said. “It is best to have more than one option so that you have backup plans.’’

3. Dress appropriately. “Wearing loose and comfortable clothing and shoes will help your maneuver through the crowd and easily,’’ Fanfan said.’’ Wearing a small satchel is very helpful also, as it will allow your hands to be free to grab items and to carry the items home.’’

Good luck, shoppers. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Update: This story has been updated to include price information for women’s attire.

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