Maryland looks a whole lot like Massachusetts on this Walmart T-shirt

The University of Maryland tee wants to be a UMass tee so badly.

Massachusetts and Maryland have a bunch in common—great seafood, colonial history, a love of football—but the shapes of the two states aren’t alike by any stretch of the mind. That’s why a Russell Athletic T-shirt reportedly being sold at Walmart, according to The Washington Post, has people scratching their heads.

Last year, this Twitter user pointed out a mistake on a Maryland Terrapins T-shirt that mistook the outline of Massachusetts for Maryland:

One year later, based on a Twitter user’s tweet below, it appears that the V-neck shirt still occupies Walmart racks at a Walmart location in Severn, Maryland, despite the blatant geography error. What’s even more confounding is one Walmart representative’s explanation to that Twitter user:



Russell Athletic did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Update 4/4/2016 3:45 p.m.: Walmart’s Twitter account has once again responded to Twitter user @Samficco’s original tweet:

Update 4/4/2016 5:01 p.m.:

Scott Markley, a spokesperson for Walmart, said: “We are working with Russell Athletic to determine how this happened and in the meantime are removing the shirt from our stores. We understand the pride Marylanders feel for the Terps, and apologize for the mistake.”

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