These sneaker companies are releasing Year of the Rat-inspired designs

And how to get your hands on them.

Some of the largest footwear brands are celebrating the Year of the Rat. Getting in the festive spirit makes sense for apparel and footwear companies given both the rise of basketball culture (roughly 800 million Chinese watched NBA programming last year) and a growing demand from Chinese consumers seeking exclusive footwear. From a new Nike collection to the recently released kicks from Ugg, you can celebrate a new year with playful designs that nod to Chinese culture. Below are just a handful of the most anticipated Year of the Rat shoes to drop, and how to get your hands on them. 

Nike Air Max 1s for the Lunar New Year —Nike

Nike Air Max 1 


Instead of drawing inspiration from the Year of the Rat, Nike’s upcoming drop is inspired by New York City’s Chinatown. This update to the Air Max 1 shoe features a black suede upper with pops of pink, yellow, blue, and red on the upper and sole. There is also a gold winged horse called a Chollima, a popular figure in Chinese mythology, on the heel. Nike is releasing an entire collection for the Year of the Rat which you can check out here.

Cost: $130

Release date: Jan. 25 at 10 a.m.

Where to buy them: Check back for details on the Air Max 1 SE.

Adidas Superstars for the Year of the Rat 2020 —Adidas News Center

Adidas Stan Smiths

Adidas is putting a playful twist on the Year of the Rat with an old school Mickey Mouse motif. The shoes feature a three-dimensional graphic upper and printed insoles, and come complete with a pair of 3D glasses that turn the shoes into a readable comic strip. 

Cost: $120

Release date: Thursday, Feb. 20 at 3 a.m.

Where to get them: Check for select retailers on

Reebok Question sneaker for the Year of the Rat —Reebok

Reebok Question

Basketball legend Allen Iverson’s signature sneaker, the Reebok Question, is getting an all-grey reboot for the Year of the Rat. The buttery suede and the color selection are meant to recall the year’s animal namesake, without being too overtly rodent-like. Reebok announced it will re-release the Shaqnosis in China in the same grey color palette for Lunar New Year. 


Cost: $170

Where to get them: Sneaker Junkies; 268 Newbury St., Boston

New Balance X Racer sneaker for Year of the Rat —New Balance

New Balance X Racer

Taking a more subtle approach than some of its competitors, the only parts of the New Balance X Racer that are overt nods to Chinese New Year are the label on the tongue and the looping red designs on the shoe’s interior. Otherwise, the charcoal shoe’s royal blue, teal, and gold color palette is meant to stand on its own. 

Cost: $119.99

Where to get them: New Balance Global Flagship Boston Landing; 140 Guest St., Boston

Ugg CA805 x 2020 for the Year of the Rat —Ugg

Ugg CA805 x 2020

Ugg is branching out into sneaker territory in 2020, with 12 sneaker drops over the next 12 months. They are kicking the initiative off with a Year of the Rat-themed shoe collaboration with sneaker boutique Atmos, featuring a white furry outer meant to evoke the eponymous rodent. The theme is topped off with a small yellow lace keeper shaped like a piece of cheese.

Cost: $180

Where to get them: Ugg CA805 x 2020 is currently available in select stores across New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Check for details on

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