Celebrate National Chocolate Parfait Day with 3 Layered Treats

Chocolate pudding by Alice Medrich
Chocolate pudding by Alice Medrich –(Sheryl Julian)

We may not all be able to dance around a maypole and celebrate the gloriousness that is supposed to be May Day (what is up with this weather?), but there is an alternate way to celebrate May 1st: National Chocolate Parfait Day.

As if the list of delicious food-themed days could get any better. Chocolate parfaits are simple to make, take a relatively short list of ingredients, and you can put them together in individual cups so you know exactly how many servings you’re making — and indulging.

We rounded up a few recipes that you can put together today (or tomorrow, we won’t tell) to help you celebrate the May flowers.


1. Chocolate Berry Chia Coffee Parfaits (Serves 2)

These guys will give you a little late-night boost if you’re working in the wee hours, along with a punch of healthy fats and protein. Layered with Greek yogurt, coffee, chia seeds, chocolate biscuits, and fruit, this is a simple evening treat you can eat without feeling guilty.

Recipe via Running to the Kitchen

2. Rich, Chocolaty Cookies N’ Cream Parfaits (Serves 6)

Note: You’ll need a chocolate pudding recipe. If you have the time to make it from scratch, check out Alice Medrich’s recipe via the Boston Globe (pictured above). If you’re in a hurry, feel free to whip up a batch of instant or stovetop pudding (just make sure it chills for long enough before layering your desserts).

Whipping up a batch of these cookie-filled bad boys will probably leave your guests (or you) singing your praises. Whipped cream, chocolate pudding, and chocolate-vanilla sandwich cookies (a la Oreos), round out the main ingredients in this super simple dish.

Recipe via The Cozy Apron

3. Malted Chocolate Pudding Parfaits with Pretzel Crunch (Serves 8)

Salty and sweet is the best flavor combination of all time, am I right or am I right? This CrandleCakes recipe has me drooling because it captures that profile perfectly — and probably because I love chocolate-covered pretzels and anything malt. This pick can be made in a square casserole dish (good for houses of one), or in eight separate containers (perfect for parties).


Recipe via CrandleCakes

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