Scientists Say You’re Eating Your Burger Wrong

Everyone knows eating a burger can be messy, so naturally scientists set out to find a solution. Turns out, everyone is doing it wrong.

According to a Kotaku report, experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry came together to figure out how to best deliver meat, cheese, and other goodness to your mouth without spilling it all over the place. It took four months, but it paid off.

As you can see, the typical ‘thumbs underneath and four fingers on top’ approach is prone to grease and toppings dripping out the burger’s backside. Nobody likes that. Toppings and condiments are meant to be pressed lovingly between beef and bread, not sitting idle and useless on a plate or fast food tray.


Instead, you ought to drop your pinky fingers out of view. Slide those bad boys underneath the bun and provide a backside clamp to keep all the deliciousness stacked in perfect order. It will feel weird for your hands, but your mouth will thank you.

There’s also a bonus scientific finding you can derive from this video: Watching footage of someone eating a burger will make you want to also be eating a burger. That’s science.

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