Pumpkin Spice is Relinquishing Its Throne to Candy Corn

It’s time to bid a fond and long-overdue farewell to pumpkin spice, the flavor that warmed our hearts as it made its way from our lattes to our Oreos. It had a good run, as many seasonal flavors do, but the world has spoken and the time has come for a different flavor to take the stage and, like a tree on steroids, rapidly extend its roots into places where they don’t belong.

Enter the new overlord of our fall holiday palates: Candy corn.

The familiar multi-colored triangles have been a staple of Halloween since they were invented in the 1880s. They have sat quietly in our co-workers’ candy bowls, biding their time. And now, their patience has paid off. Candy corn is no longer content to be passed over for Milky Way’s and Snickers. They’re jumping out of the dish and into just about everything else in your life, from other desserts and drinks to candles, magnets, and air fresheners.


There’s the sweets category.

There’s the scented category.

The “uncomfortable attempts at imitating actual food’’ category.

The wearables category.

And, as with any flavor fad, the “sign that it won’t be long before candy corn jumps the shark’’ category.

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