McDonald’s now sells lobster rolls in New England

Consider this the best or worst day of your life.

–Lauren Foley/ staff

Over the weekend, select New England McDonald’s locations quietly rolled out $7.99 lobster rolls on their menus. The lobster sandwich boasts “100 percent North Atlantic lobster’’ with mayonnaise, lettuce, and a toasted bun. It’s available through mid-August.

Canadian locations also rolled out a lobster sandwich named the McLobster, but Nicole Garvey, McDonald’s Boston regional spokesperson, assured us tis not the same! While the Canadian cousin appears to be more of a lobster salad sandwich (a Chicago Tribune writer thought it’d be better suited for saltines), the locally offered lobster roll is hefty on the lobster, light on the mayo. At 290 calories, it fancies itself a healthier option.

in the belly of the beast

We hit up three area locations — Roxbury’s Mass Ave., Dorchester’s Dot Ave., then Brighton’s Western Ave. — and were only able to find the sandwich at our last destination. (The others said they’ll be serving them before the end of the week.) As staunch New Englanders, we braced ourselves for the worst, but we were pleasantly surprised: lots of lobster, not a lot of mayo, soft, lightly toasted bread, and fresh lettuce. It could have used a shake of salt and pepper, or a lemon wedge, but this is not a $25 lobster roll. But for $7.99, not too shabby.

Lobster roll spots around New England:

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