Polar Seltzer fans are searching for and hoarding this surprise limited-edition flavor

“It tastes like Frosty the Snowman melted into a puddle of unicorn tears and angel kisses!”

Over the past week, reviews of a mysterious new Polar Seltzer flavor wrapped in a transparent, metallic gold-emblazoned label starting flowing in on social media. And they are glowing.

“Omg @polarseltzer what am I drinking?!!” one fan wrote in an Instagram post. “It tastes like frosty the snowman melted into a puddle of unicorn tears and angel kisses!”

Other social media users reported tasting cranberry, vanilla, and/or champagne in the new flavor, which is labeled “#seltzebrate.”

There is no information about Seltzebrate, as fans are now calling it, on Polar’s website, not even on the “Limited Editions” page. The Worcester-based company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts have been radio silent.


Despite the lack of details, Polar fans continue to clamor to get their hands on the new drink. (This is New England, after all.)

Sean Hennessy, the assistant grocery manager at Roche Bros. Supermarkets in West Roxbury, said the first time he heard about the flavor was when 10 cases of Seltzebrate were delivered to his store.

Hennessy said that, as of Saturday afternoon, the supermarket currently has about six cases left, and they’re selling for 77 cents a bottle.

“I’ve had calls in regards to it,” he said.

Hennessy, who has not tasted the new flavor because he’s not a huge seltzer fan, said he believes Seltzebrate will follow in the small-batch footsteps of Unicorn Kisses. Polar surprise-released a one-time shipment of the latter flavor this past March.

“The last time they did this with the Unicorn Kisses seltzer, it was a one-and-done type of thing,” said Hennessy. “It’s an item that we just sell as long as it takes to sell.”

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