Wine Riot will blend crash courses in vino and a party

A prior Wine Riot Boston.
A prior Wine Riot Boston. –James Coletta Photography

Wine Riot, the namesake event of the wine shop in the South End, is coming back to Boston this weekend. It’s bringing with it hundreds of wines from around the world—and a party.

“We’ve all been to tasting events where grey hairs are swirling and sniffing wines and talking about pH levels,” said Jason Tesauro, Wine Riot’s head sommelier and creative director. “This isn’t like that. We have a way more youthful energy and it’s about having a good time.”

The event is being held at The Castle at Park Plaza. A Bubbly Bar will feature some of the best sparkling wine and champagne on the market, and a live DJ and dance floor will provide the opportunity for you to show off your moves.

Wine Riot Chicago. —James Coletta Photography

“What we’re hoping is that if you’re standing by The Bubbly Bar and you hear a song that you like, you can go over to the dance floor and start dancing,” Tesauro said.

Interactive booths and crash courses in various wine regions and grapes will allow revelers to learn about what they’re drinking while they drink it and find their new favorite wines. Tesauro will teach four “crash courses” at the event, covering natural wines, Virginia wines, wine cocktails, and what he calls “porch sippers,” or the best white wines for summer days.

The event is going to have a different vibe than years past, Tesauro said.

“This year, it’s more intimate, and there’s more room to walk around,” he said.

Wine Riot Chicago. —James Coletta Photography

Ultimately, Wine Riot is about making wine accessible to the very demographic that’s changing it.

“This generation is moving the needle and driving wine culture and impacting wine sales,” Tesauro said. “We’re trying to teach people about wines and help them find ‘anchors’ so they can always find something they like wherever they go. But if you’re just at Wine Riot to party, that’s fine too.”

Tickets for each session, which will also be available at the door, are $65 and include wine tastings, snacks, and music.


Friday, April 21 from 7 to 11 p.m., Saturday, April 22 from 1 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 11 p.m.; The Castle at Park Plaza, Boston; 21+;