Container Plants for the Shade

Even if you don’t have a big yard or a lot of sunshine you can still plant almost anything in a container. When growing things in containers remember water and nutrients are used up faster. Ideally you have an irrigation system and create a calendar to remind you when to feed your plants. I like to use slow release food as it gives the plants a more balanced shot of nutrients.

shade container.jpg

The container above is located in the shade. I used cordyline as the large centerpiece and crotons on the sides. I then filled the containers with tornenia and coleus. This combination of plants will do well in the shade and the torneia will flower until frost.
I have also put large azalea and other trees in containers as well. These two images show very large containers with mature trees. These containers have been outside continuously for 8 years. There is an irrigation system watering the plants and I feed them in early spring.

azalea in containers.jpg
weeping cherry.jpg

You can also grow vegetables and cutting flowers in containers. Remember, use a good container mix when potting the plants and don’t use heavy garden soil. The container mixes are designed for the tight constraints of the pots and will drain well promoting good root development.

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