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Gifts For The Garden Enthusiast

December is a giving month and if you know someone on your list who is a gardener you might want to think about getting them something they can use around the yard. I have enough “stuff” so if friends or family want to give me a gift they know gardening supplies are a great place to start. This blog entry gives just a few of my ideas, I am happy to answer any questions on Twitter @growingwisdom. I recommend you use Google or some other search engine to find where to purchase these for the best price.

Garden Basket
These are a must for anyone with a vegetable garden. I have two of these in different sizes. I can fit a lot of produce in these baskets and I can also wash the vegetables right in the baskets.

garden basket.jpg

Felco pruners are one of the best you can buy. I have 4 pairs of these and there’s always room for one more in the tool bag. Felco’s are made well, last a long time and have great blades which stay sharp for a very long time.

felco pruners.jpg

Ergonomic Tools
I use a lot of hand tools in the garden. When you are at ground level, it’s important to have a good variety of tools to complete various chores. There are several companies that make ergonomic tools which help with wrist fatigue and problems with thumbs which are common with gardeners.

ergonomic tools.jpg

Composting is a great way to make your own soil and recycle food waste. If you know someone who wants to compost getting them their own composter is a great gift. You can find them online, at most garden center and many towns offer them for a reduced cost.


Garden gloves are a necessity for any gardener. A good pair of gloves will quickly become a favorite pair. Look for gloves that allow someone to feel their hands touching plants or tools. I prefer gloves with some sort of rubber or latex exterior as they keep fingers dry.


Seed Starting Kit
Growing your own food is a great way to enjoy gardening. Jump Start Light Kits allow gardeners to start their seeds in time to plant. There are smaller sizes of the kits if you have less room and larger ones for those people with enough space.

grow light.jpg

Check out Johnny Selected Seeds, Renee’s Garden or Fedco Seeds and have a few packets delivered to your favorite family gardener. Carrots, peas, beans and many greens can be planted directly so if you aren’t sure someone starts their own vegetables these are great choices. If you know someone starts their own tomatoes, peppers, or other warm weather crops look for the newest varieties available.

Books For The Gardening Enthusiast
Two of my favorite books for gardening are The Winter Harvest Handbook by Elliot Coleman and The Garden Primer by Barbara Damrosch. Both of these books provide a tremendous amount of knowledge and are terrific resources. I often refer to them when I need some advice on what to plant or when to plant it.

If you are looking for a fun novel that has a garden theme the Bucolic Plaque by Josh Kilmer-Purcell is a fun story that will have every gardener wishing they could buy a big farmhouse and become gardeners.

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