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Bromeliads Make Great Colorful Houseplants

This time of year can be frustrating for plant enthusiasts. There is very little color outside, so we need to bring color inside. Flowering plants or plants that show a lot of color can do wonders to making your mood better. I find by strategically placing plants around my home I can create pockets of color.


Bromeliads are a wonderful tropical plant with colorful bracts. There are several varieties of these plants and they are quite east to care for.

These plants like bright indirect light and don’t want to be in a very dry environment. Use a humidity tray to increase the amount of humidity around your bromeliad.

The colorful part of the plant is actually the bracts. The flower comes from the center of the bracts and usually is less interesting. Once the bromeliad flowers, the mother plant will eventually die. However, the side shoots, or pups, will grow.

You can cut the side shoots off and repot them as well. If you do this, wait about 5-7 days for the wound to callous over before putting the pup in new soil.

If you want to encourage a bromeliad to flower, a great trick is to place a ripe apple and the bromeliad in a sealed plastic bag for about two months. The gas released from the apple stimulates flowering in the bromeliad.

Bromeliads don’t like to be overwatered. The easiest and best way to water these plants is to fill the little cup at the center of the plant. Never let a bromeliad sit in water or it will rot.

cup bromeiad 31215.jpg

So if you are in need of some color inside your house or at the office, a bromeliad is a great choice and will provide color much longer than any cut flowers. If you use the internet to further search on information about Bromeliads you can likely learn even more and perhaps become a collector of this tropical plant.


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