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Spring Chores In The Garden

Now that spring is here there is plenty to do in the garden. Even if all the snow isn’t melted yet, you can still begin to clean up outside where it has disappeared.

It’s getting late to prune blueberries, but you can still do this for another week or two. Take out any dead wood and remove some of the flower buds. I like to take out about half the flower/fruit buds each spring. This promotes bigger and healthier berries. Click here to learn more about pruning blueberries.

You can begin to start seeds indoors now. Here’s what I plant in mid-late March.


Eggplant, spinach, chard, broccoli, kale and artichokes. I will wait until early April before planting tomatoes, peppers and even later for vines like cucumbers and squash.

Starting your own seeds is a great way to try new varieties of things, including flowers that might not be available elsewhere.

You should be feeding your houseplants now, as well as removing any dead leaves or branches. This is a great time of the year to prune indoor plants.

I generally wait until April before I put down lawn care products, but if you have had bare ground for two weeks, it’s likely safe to do so now.


Here are some other things you can do in the yard right now.

  • Sharpen and clean tools.
  • Run the snow blower dry.
  • Clean gutters to prevent water from drowning plants below.
  • Cut back ornamental grasses to under 6 inches tall.
  • Cut back perennials almost to ground level.
  • Remove dead wood and suckers from trees and shrubs, both evergreen and deciduous.
  • Plant dormant trees and shrubs.
  • Move dormant plants.
  • Dig and divide emerging perennials.
  • Scrub clay pots.
  • Remove leaves from the bottom of ponds or other water features.

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