Annuals For Cool Spring Color

Before the heat of summer we have this period of time when winter is over and spring is in full force. The nights can still be cool and the days mild. When you go to a garden center you might see a variety of plants available, but the question is can you put them outside safely?

Many of you know pansies and violas love the cool spring weather. However, there is a partial list of other annuals which bring color to the garden and will thrive in cooler conditions. Be warned, these plants don’t handle a freeze or frost like pansies and violas. Argyranthemum , Celoisa,Dianthus,Diascia, Dusty Miller, Euphorbia,Lobularia, Nemesia,Osteosperum, Pericallis, Ranunculus, and Snapdragon.


Garden design is somewhat personal. However, I tend to like to mass the plants in large groups, rather than plant them in rows or in single spots. If you are doing a row of a particular annual, place them close together to create a border effect.


Hanging baskets are also a wonderful way to add some color to the yard. You can place most plants in a hanging basket, but look for annuals that trail to help give the container a fuller look.

How about planting peas along the outer edge of a container, they will grow downward and eventually flower too! The bonus comes in early summer when you get to enjoy the edible pods.

This week, I will be feeding many of my plants in the garden, watering the newly planted grass and also moving some larger trees and shrubs which need to have a new home.

If you do move your houseplants outside, be sure not to put them into direct sun immediately. The strong May ultraviolet light will burn many plants. I recommend moving them outside to an area with morning sun and then slowly acclimate them to full sun.

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