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Dry, Sunny And Warm Weather Presents Challenges For Gardeners

Yesterday was a tough day for those of us doing a lot of planting. That’s probably not the feeling of most of you of course. If you got a chance to get outside on a cloudless day in early May with temperatures in the 80s you likely thought, it was perfect. Today provides a similar start to the day, but there are some significant differences I’ll let you know about shortly.

Plant Collection
Some people collect figurines, some various memorabilia, some cats and some shoes. I collect plants. As much as I love weather, I love plants. They amaze me. The shear variability of the plant kingdom is mind blowing. The colors, textures, reproductive characteristics, fruits, nuts, needles, leaves, vines, it’s all amazing to me. As scary as this might be to some of you, I counted over 100 potted plants this morning.

plants may 2015.jpg

So, when we have these periods of early heat combined with a lack of rain it means May gardening habits need to change. May is one of a handful of months when I can move plants around the yard. During periods of heat, plants don’t like to be disturbed. I can’t be pulling things out of the ground and moving them to new homes when the weather isn’t cooperating.

All of this is certainly small potatoes in the grand scheme of the world around me. I sometimes stop and reflect about the fact I’m getting anxious about a wilting tomato plant on my patio while 1000’s of miles away someone else is walking miles just to get some water to drink.


That said, I am fortunate to be able to grow things like conifers, bulbs, trees, annuals and of course vegetables. The problem with living in this part of the world is the limited time we have to garden. In just 16 weeks, many of the plants will be well into their slower phase. The garden will be largely harvested and the fall bloomers will be bursting forth. The speed at which all of this happens isn’t really that surprising when you think the earth is spinning around here at nearly 800 miles per hour. It’s no wonder the landscape changes so rapidly in just a few hours this time of year.

Cooler Weather Good For Planting

We have some cooler weather in the forecast over the next week or so. Use the cooler weather to move plants and plant new ones. The best time to do these chores is later in the afternoon as the sun is lower. This gives the plants the opportunity to become acclimated to their new setting without as much shock. The worst time to move or plant is around 10AM when they would be subjected to the full force of the strong sun and highest temperatures of the day.

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