Chat: Boston Red Sox nutritionist on healthy eating

Tara Mardigan

The Boston Red Sox official nutritionist Tara Mardigan gave advice on Thursday about how to build game-winning diet strategies. From protein shakes to eating between workouts, this registered dietician had answers for every nutrition question!

Mardigan counsels professional baseball players just as she would her typical patients. Her strategy is to investigate how to make small improvements in daily habits to affect a patients’ long-term nutritional well being.

Mardigan is the team nutritionist for the Boston Red Sox. She also counsels clients at Lown Cardiovascular Center in Brookline. She is a firm believer that ‘good for you can taste good, too.’ Her mission is to inspire others to find the most nourishing foods and lifestyle choices to meet their health needs and palates. You can find her online at theplatecoach.comand follow her on Twitter @ThePlateCoach.


Note: Please check with your own nutritionist or doctor for any personal questions related to your health. The transcript of our chat is below!

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