New England children’s hospital patients ‘Roar’ in the face of adversity

Pediatric patients, hospital staff, and administrators at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock (CHaD) in Lebanon, N.H., recently made a music video to Katy Perry’s song “Roar’’ that reached 3 million views on YouTube last week.

Although it has a while to go before catching up with the official music video (220 million views on YouTube), the CHaD kids singing and dancing in the face of their physical adversity has gone viral in a feel-good way.

The CHaD “Roar’’ video was filmed one day in mid-October not only as a fun activity for the patients, but as an internal campaign to thank those who donated to the hospital’s Oct. 20 CHaD HERO fundraiser. It starred patients who happened to be in the hospital that day, who were available and feeling well enough for some singing and dancing.


“We wanted to get the kids involved in something fun and active, and get them moving,’’ said Nathan Larson, an event coordinator at CHaD in the community relations department.

Little did these children know, the world would hear them roar.

After receiving the video on an internal email, employees started immediately sharing it with friends and family. The hospital marketing department soon realized the music video had a much wider appeal, posting it on YouTube and other social media. In the first 24 hours, the CHaD video had 10,000 views. Soon the hospital was counting 30,000 views an hour in the days that followed.

After Huffington Post and BuzzFeed picked it up, the CHaD kids’ video went international. The Guardian and Daily Mail newspapers highlighted the video on their websites, and it was also featured on a German morning show.

“The response was so positive, and it was a huge morale boost for the institution,’’ said Larson. “I think the reason why it was so successful was because the video was getting the kids back to the business of being kids again.’’

What do you think of the video? Did it inspire you?

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