Clipboard: Insider ties for consulting group involved in state insurance website

Beth Healy and Megan Woolhouse report in today’s Globe about the dominant role that Deloitte Consulting plays on Beacon Hill, outspending competitors to lobby lawmakers and winning more than $330 million in consulting and technology contracts in the past decade.

Deloitte’s role in the state is under scrutiny because of the faulty unemployment claims system the company launched late and over budget.

Deloitte also is involved in developing the Massachusetts Health Connector’s new insurance website, with a $12.3 million piece of the $69 million project. That system has been riddled with problems, locking users out, delivering indecipherable error messages, and preventing many people for signing up for coverage they need.


Healy and Woolhouse note that Connector Chief Operating Officer Roni Mansur
was a long-time Deloitte consultant. They write:

Connector officials say Mansur was not involved in the decision to hire Deloitte. He joined the agency in 2010 and was named operating chief in October 2011, a month before the contract with Deloitte was signed. But Mansur, who has reviewed and reported on Deloitte’s performance to the agency’s board, participated in recommending a 16-week extension of the firm’s initial contract, at a cost of $200,000 a month, according to a May 2012 memorandum he wrote to the board and to the Connector’s chief at the time, Glen Shor.

The recommendation included renewing Deloitte’s engagement as a project manager for a year beyond that, exercising an option in the federally funded contract, the memorandum said.

Connector Executive Director Jean Yang also was a Deloitte consultant, though her tenure there was brief and preceded her work at Tufts Health Plan, where she was before joining the Connector several years ago.

A Connector spokesman told Healy and Woolhouse that the agency leaders knew about Mansur’s work with Deloitte but did not believe he was required to file a disclosure under state conflict of interest laws.

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