Nurse on Tinder is Trying to Get Men to the Doctor

Nurse Nicole on Tinder
Nurse Nicole on Tinder –Matches for Men’s Health

Ever tried to get the men in your life to go to the doctor? It’s often harder than getting the dog to the vet. Here’s a new approach: hire an attractive female nurse to do your bidding for you.

A couple of advertising guys are convincing men to look after themselves by putting health reminders where men are: The center of online sexual advances, Tinder.

Part of Tinder’s slogan is that it’s making life better. Well, Nurse Nicole being on Tinder is certainly making men’s lives better.

“For the month of June, Nicole is enduring terrible pick-up lines, facing extreme male desperation, and talking dirty to dirtbags in the name of men’s health,’’ reads the intro on Matches for Men’s Health Tumblr page.


Vincent Mak and Colby Spear, who are both currently working as creative interns at Razorfish while they are enrolled at the Miami Ad School, launched the Matches for Men’s Health project together as a creative team.

The pair built Nurse Nicole’s profile for Men’s Health Awareness Month (June), through an effort to remind men (who clearly have some time on their hands) to take their health seriously. The campaign isn’t associated in any way with Razorfish, but Spear told on Tuesday that he and Mak had the idea while they were interning there.

“Our mentor Nicole Berke here at Razorfish encouraged us to work on a personal project while we were interning. We knew that Men’s Health Month was approaching and saw the opportunity to raise awareness for a great cause that we felt not enough men knew about,’’ said Spear in an interview Tuesday on LinkedIn.

June 6 through 15 is National Men’s Health Week at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the United States, the leading causes of death for men of all agesare heart disease, according to the latest data on the CDC’s website, followed by cancer.

Mak and Spear are saving lives by blocking one sexual advance at a time. They’re turning each sext into an opportunity for spreading public health information.


“Steering the conversations towards men’s health was a fun challenge for us,’’ said Spear. The pair keeps a lot of articles and statistics about men’s health readily available so they can respond quickly to whatever comes up on Tinder. “As a copywriter, I regularly have to think of funny lines for ideas, and Vince is just always a witty guy. We thought of responses to the pick up lines on the fly,’’ he said.

One of Nurse Nicole’s conversations on Tinder. —Matches for Men’s Health Tumblr

But men have had a variety of responses to Nurse Nicole’s interactions, who according to her profile, “Loves dogs, warm weather, and spontaneous decisions.’’

While some are taking the advice in stride and asking Nicole more about health issues, from some of the Tinder conversations posted, it seems that others are completely oblivious and still try to flirt. But for any guys still wondering, Nicole is completely fake. And she’s a dude.

“Nurse Nicole is a 100% stock-photo, fictitious person,’’ said Spear. “When we originally created the Tinder account for her, Vince and I set it up so that we both had her account on our phones. This allowed us both to talk to guys at any time. The conversations posted on the site are real screenshots of replies from both of us.’’

Check out all of Nurse Nicole’s punny conversations with real Tinder users on the Matches for Men’s Health Tumblr.

What would you do if you came across Nicole? Is this a good idea or sexting gone wrong?

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