Tired of Waiting on the Veterans Administration? Lowe’s Might Be Able to Help

When an amputee veteran needs a new wheelchair, the Veterans Administration is typically charged with helping out. Unfortunately, they took a little too long for one Vietnam veteran, so three Lowe’s employees took matters into their own hands.

WABC reported that Michael Solsona, an amputee veteran from Staten Island who had asked the VA to replace his wheelchair multiple times, seemed to be in a tough spot when the chair finally broke while he was shopping at Lowe’s with his wife. But before they could even get together tools to try and make the repairs on their own, three employees at the store stepped in.

Solsona and his wife planned to fix the wheelchair themselves at home.

But three Lowe’s associates weren’t having it.

“They tore the wheelchair apart. They tried all different types of bolts,’’ Michael Solsona said, “I was thanking them and they said you’re not leaving here until the wheelchair is like new.’’


Solsona, who lost his legs after stepping on a land mine, told WABC that he’s still hoping for a new chair, but that the repaired one is “great’’ and will be useful as a backup. The report said that thanks to all the attention his story at Lowe’s has garnered, the veteran has already received multiple offers to get him a new one.

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