Yes! You Can Outrun the MBTA Green Line

Screenshot of the final times from
Screenshot of the final times from –RunKeeper

Even before this iconic showdown between Rita Jeptoo and the C Line at the 2014 Boston Marathon, we’ve all thought as we wait for the MBTA Green Line Train to get us…anywhere, anywhere at all:

“I wonder if I could outrun this thing.’’

Well, some dedicated RunKeeper fans decided to take on the B Green Line trolley train, once and for all.

The result in Humans vs. MBTA Green Line? Humans reign victorious.

Here’s how the race went down this morning:

The course: Boston College T stop to Blandford Street T stop

The challengers:

The MBTA Green Line puts on its game face:

And they’re off!

The drama…


The final stretch…


Group shot of the victors!

So, indeed, you can outrun the Green Line. But you have to run four, 6-minute-miles.

Big congrats to RunKeeper’s victors!


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