Mass. Native Keith Ablow Says Michelle Obama Needs to Lose Some Weight

Fox News commentator Dr. Keith Ablow caused a stir yesterday when he made a series of comments about Michelle Obama’s weight.

The Marblehead native was participating as a panelist on the daily daytime Fox News program “Outnumbered.’’

The panel was discussing the First Lady’s ongoing efforts to encourage American children to adopt better eating and exercise habits.

Ablow, a psychiatrist, surprised his fellow panelists when commented: “How well could she be eating? She needs to drop a few.’’

He went on!

“There’s no french fries happening? That’s all kale and carrots? I don’t buy it.’’


The comments elicited gasps from the show’s female panelists:

“Oh my goodness gracious.’’

“You did not just say that.’’

“Are we on a 7-second delay?’’

Oh my goodness gracious indeed. He did just say that. And if there was a 7-second delay, no one took the opportunity to erase this comment before it made the rounds on social media.

Among those expressing displeasure was Fox News Channel’s Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean:

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