Update: ALS Association Donations Top $31 Million Thanks to Ice Bucket Challenge

Bostonians gathered in Copley Square to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge on Aug. 7.
Boston City Councillor Tito Jackson, center in suit, led some 200 people in the Ice Bucket Challenge at Boston's Copley Square, Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014 to raise funds and awareness for ALS. –Elise Amendola/AP

In just two days, the ALS Association has more than doubled the impressive figure announced on Monday, and much of it is thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Just 48 hours ago, the ALS Association announced that it had raised $15.6 million in donations thanks to existing donors and more than 307,000 new donors.

On Wednesday, those figures changed drastically for the better. The ALS Association said it had received $31.5 million in donations from existing donors and more than 637,000 new donors.

All of that is especially impressive when compared to last year’s figures for the same time period between late July and mid-August, when the ALS Association raised $1.9 million.


Much of the money is credited to an overwhelming viral campaign around the Ice Bucket Challenge that has filled Facebook news feeds and Twitter streams, including videos from Mayor Marty Walsh, singer Justin Timberlake, a whole host of Kennedy’s, and basically the entire city of Boston.

For more on the Ice Bucket Challenge, check out our explainer on what it is and how to get involved.

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