President George W. Bush Completes Ice Bucket Challenge with Help From Laura Bush

President George W. Bush told his Facebook fans that completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge wouldn’t be very “presidential.’’ Thankfully his wife, Laura, wholeheartedly disagreed.

In a video posted to the former president’s Facebook page on Wednesday morning, Bush is seen writing out a check in lieu of taking a bucket of icy water to the face. But just as he’s scrawling out the dollar amount, Laura Bush takes care of business.

Way to go, Laura! There are probably more than a few people who are happy to see George W. Bush get splashed. And besides, his excuse wasn’t even that good. Not “presidential?’’ What could possibly be more presidential than doing something embarrassing and then donating a large sum of money to a really good cause to deflect attention? That’s President-ing 101, right there.


Speaking of embarrassing presidential episodes, President Bill Clinton was on the receiving end of Bush’s challenge, so he’s got a loose limit of 24 hours to match his successor’s effort. Get to it, Bubba!

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