Follow These Bostonians for Healthy New Year Inspiration

Rebecca Pacheco is a local yoga teacher and goes by the name "Omgal" on social media platforms. –Dina Rudick / The Boston Globe

Looking for some more resolution inspiration? These Bostonians have made it their mission to inspire and promote healthy living every day. Here are their goals for 2015.

Nutrition-obsessed husband/wife duo Chris Roche and Heather Stevenson have certainly had an exciting 2014. The owners of Thirst Juice Co. recently opened a downtown Boston location, bringing the juice and smoothie bar’s nutritious options to the heart of the city.

In 2015, the couple hopes to make the year full of healthy milestones:

1) Run. Make the time to finish at least two half and one full Boston-area marathons.

2) Travel. Find one race elsewhere around the country or abroad so we can combine two of our passions: fitness and travel.

3) Keep Boston Juicing. And strive each day to prove that healthful food can and should taste great.

They also have a challenge for their customers; 15 days of juice during their #JanuaryJuiceChallenge. Follow along @ThirstJuiceCo.

In 2014, Boston-based yoga instructor Rebecca Pacheco followed through on a resolution to meditate daily.


Her 2015 resolution is to make a ‘greener’ impact:

“My resolution this year is for the health of the environment. I don’t drink coffee, but I’m a hardcore tea drinker (I know, sounds harrowing, right?), and I’ve finally invested in a travel mug that I like (made of glass, doesn’t taste like plastic, not too clunky to tote around), so that I can cut down on waste from lids and to-go cups, which end up in landfills and oceans. I’ll also write my second book… that’s the thing about resolutions. You gotta to say it like you mean it!’’

Rachel Chemerynski, a local health coach, writer, and founder of Healthy Chicks, is taking more time for herself in 2015:

“Instead of making resolutions, I like to set intentions for the year ahead. One of my biggest intentions is to (finally) publish my book I’ve been working on, focusing on self-care, finding joy around food and positive body image for women. I also would like to take more time for myself by filling my schedule up with ‘me’ things like yoga, home-cooking, meditation, writing and time with my new hubby. I’m a hard worker and need to remember to reward myself more often with the things I love in 2015!’’

Jessica Bashelor, owner of The Handle Bar, an indoor cycling studio with two locations in Boston, already shared five tips to help you stay on track with your fitness goals this year.

Bashelor has set small and large goals for 2015:

1) Stop biting her nails.

2) Keep her to do lists in one place.

3) Call distant family and friends more frequently.

4) Mix up her workout routine, with the intention of spending more time working out for her own mind and body versus simply getting workouts in as an instructor.

5) Continue to grow The Handle Bar and strengthen its roots in the Boston community.

What are your resolutions for 2015?

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