These are the best yoga studios in Greater Boston, according to Yelp data

Class at Swet Studio
A class at Swet Studio. –Swet Studio

It’s no secret that Massachusetts traffic can be stressful. After a long day on the road, a good stretch can help you unwind, disconnect, and forget about that maniac who cut you off on the highway.

With that in mind, and with help from Yelp, we’ve rounded up the best yoga studios that Greater Boston has to offer. The list was compiled using Yelp data in Greater Boston, since December 2016.

Swet Studio — 480 Tremont St., South End

Have you always wanted to fly? The AntiGravity Yoga classes at Swet Studio will let you do just that. Well, almost.

Using yoga hammocks, you’ll get to experience the sensation of stretching, relaxation, and excitement, all while being suspended from the ceiling. The guided exercises and poses will facilitate movement in all directions, allowing you to experience positions you would not be able to otherwise. In addition to greater flexibility, other benefits include increased self-awareness, muscle strengthening, and of course, fun.


If you’re nervous about whether or not the hammock can support you, don’t be, as it can hold up to 2,000 pounds. And if you’re nervous about hanging upside down, there’s only one inversion during the entire class.

Studio 52 — 52 Province St., Downtown Crossing

If listening to bumpin’ beats is your kind of zen environment, then the “Yoga to Hip Hop” class at Studio 52 is definitely where you want to be. With tunes by Kanye West and The Weeknd (warning: explicit lyrics!) playing in a dimly lit room, you may think that you’ve stumbled upon a nightclub by mistake.

Curated by owner Alena Karabina, the playlists are intended to help you let go of daily stresses and connect your mind and body through flow. But if you’re hoping to accomplish that without the “gangster” jams, the studio also offers more traditional classes. “Weekend Glow Vinyasa,” which is held on Fridays and Saturdays, features asanas that increase blood circulation to the head, so you’ll literally leave the studio glowing.

Acorn Yoga — 576 Washington St., Brighton

Sometimes all a yoga class needs is a good old fashioned glow-in-the-dark dance party. Acorn Yoga’s “GLOWyoga FUSION” class completely agrees. For one hour, an instructor will lead you through a power yoga session, core exercises, cardio, partner activities, and last but not least, a dance breakdown. Be sure to dress in neon to go along with the studio’s blacklights and glow sticks. Students are invited to arrive early to deck themselves out in glow paint as well.


The studio also offers “VINYASizzle,” where the room is kept at 85-90 degrees for a hot power flow session that will be sure to make you break a sweat, as well as “yogaSCULPT,” where the room is kept at 75-80 degrees for an intense full body workout with weights.

Barre & Soul Harvard Square — 36 JFK St., Cambridge

Is an hour-long class not enough yoga for you? Barre & Soul Harvard Square’s workshops are the perfect opportunities for you to extend your practice. These sessions, which can last up to three-hours, will allow you to dig deeper into a specific component of yoga, whether that be meditation, posture, or savansana.

As expected, the studio has a schedule packed with typical classes as well. For students considering becoming teachers, Barre & Soul also has a 200-hour teacher training available as a one-month intensive or seven-month program.

Artemis Yoga — 639 Mt Auburn St., Watertown

Artemis Yoga offers both vinyasa and Iyengar yoga classes at three sequential levels, making it very convenient to find a class suited to your interests and abilities. The basic classes operate at a slower tempo, so you can focus more on your technique and get a feel for the poses, while Levels 1 and 2 pick up the pace. The studio also offers a restorative option that emphasizes meditation and relaxation.

The Breathing Room — 763 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

Likening their original model to be along the lines of “an AirBnB for yoga teachers,” The Breathing Room started off as a space that different instructors would simply rent out to host their classes. Located right next to vegetarian restaurant Life Alive in Cambridge, the business has since evolved but continues to be a melting pot of unique styles or, as instructor Justin Bernold likes to put it, “40 micro-studios in 1.”


Deciding which class to take can be a little overwhelming upon first glance, as the class catalog really does feature 40 offerings, but “Yoga for Beginners” is an obvious place to start if you’re completely new to the practice. For those looking to complement more vigorous workouts and aerobic exercise, Bernold recommends “Yin” for its long, passive holds as well as “Relax & Restore” for its gentler approach.

On Fridays at noon, the studio channels its roots and brings in various instructors from across the city to teach a class for only $5. While you won’t know what to expect in advance, all you need to know is that “each teacher will be bringing their own personal yoga to The Breathing Room, and they’ll be sharing it with you in an intimate space.”