5 spa treatments for $75 or less

Bliss Spa. Bliss Spa

The warming weather might have you feeling like life should be slowing down for summer, but longer daylight hours and a packed social schedule (hello, barbecue and wedding season) may make you almost long for winter’s less hectic cozy nights (almost). Instead of cranking up the AC and retreating to your blankets and Netflix, book an appointment for one of these five spa treatments that will help you mentally prepare for the summer months—without blowing your entire summer vacation fund.

Float in Somerville, $60

A float tank offers the feeling of a warm bath “turned up to eleven,” as well as reduced anxiety and depression, improved sleep, and pain relief benefits, according to Float in Somerville. At Float, guests immerse themselves in a private, enclosed float tank filled with warm water and Epsom salt for an hour’s worth of “reduced environment stimulation therapy.” The spa’s website says the salt makes the shallow pool “dense like the Dead Sea,” allowing effortless floating and a relaxation session completely void of distractions. (Float Boston, Somerville; $60 for a 60-minute session; appointments available at

Bliss Spa “The Fast and the ‘Fabulous,'” $50

At the trendy Bliss Spa in Boston’s W Hotel, guests don’t have to sacrifice luxury for price. After the spa’s “The Fast and the ‘Fabulous'” facial, spagoers have a new glow and an only slightly lighter wallet, thanks to the reasonably-priced service that includes cleaning and exfoliating the skin before a glow-boosting mask is applied. The whole experience may be inexpensive and quick—it only lasts 30 minutes—but it’s not rushed: Guests are also given a relaxing scalp and shoulder massage before they’re on their way. (Bliss Spa at the W Boston, Boston; $50 for a 30-minute facial; appointments available at


G2O Spa’s Bali Paradise Experience.

G2O Bali Paradise Experience, $75

The G2O Spa & Salon, currently on Newbury Street but moving two blocks over to Exeter Street in 2018, boasts five floors of treatment rooms for everything from Brine Inhalation Therapy (where you can unwind by a waterfall and breathe in salty air) to massages to a penthouse hot tub experience. While some of their offerings can set you back hundreds of dollars, the spa’s exclusive Bali Paradise Room lets you experience the relaxation of a tropical vacation without the enormous price tag. During a 40-minute appointment, guests self-apply a fruit extract cream and herbal salt exfoliation treatment before entering a steam chamber for a therapeutic session. (G2O Spa and Salon, Boston; $75 for a 40-minute session, or $65 each for 2-8 people; appointments available at

Pyara Aveda Aroma Massage, $70

A 30-minute massage may seem short, but a half hour is all a masseuse at the Pyara spas in Burlington and Cambridge needs to customize an Aveda Aroma massage and help relieve clients of stress, muscle tension, and lack of energy. This appointment is ideal for anyone new to massages who wants to test the waters first, or someone looking for a more personalized experience. After a consultation, the massage therapist will suggest which massage technique is best for guests, selecting from a menu that includes the Swedish method, deep tissue, foot reflexology, acupressure, and chakra techniques, among others. (Pyara Spa and Salon in Burlington and Cambridge; $70 for a 30-minute massage; appointments available at

Alantra Spa Salt Cave, $45

At the Alantra Spa in North Reading, you can find serenity in the spa’s salt room, the first of its kind in New England. Modeled after actual Himalayan salt caves, Alantra’s salt room lets guest relax in comfortable chairs and listen to calming music while they breathe in the cool, salty air. A 45-minute session can help relieve everything from allergies to psoriasis to snoring, according to the spa’s website. If anything, chilling out in a salt cave might be special enough to make you forget about everything that’s stressing you out and just enjoy the zen energy of the room. An added bonus: The spa is currently offering a spring special that lets visitors book a salt cave session for $49 and bring along a friend for free. (Alantra Spa, North Reading; $45 for a 45-minute session, $49 for a 45-minute session plus a free guest; appointments available at