Boston’s fittest people want you to take care of yourself. Here’s how.

Seven tips to help you keep your health and wellbeing on track amid the coronavirus pandemic.

blink fitness medford
Inside Blink Fitness in Medford earlier this summer. –David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe

When your typical high-energy MO is at odds with your current status, it’s tough to stay motivated.

That’s why we asked Boston’s workout pros how they’re making the most out of these times, what’s working for them, and what’s not. Here’s a glimpse into the routines that keep them on track, even when the world is not.

“My workouts prioritize enjoyment and connection now. I don’t worry about how far or fast I run. I don’t overdo it on my yoga mat for some imagined goal. I choose my daily exercise based on what will help me feel less stressed and more grounded. Sometimes this means doing a HICT workout while watching The Great British Bake Off. I’ve taken the pressure off of “what” I do, as long as I do something that feels good.” — Rebecca Pacheco, OmGal


“Disconnecting from tech has made a world of a difference for my mental health and overall happiness. I try to have at least a few minutes of quality screen-free time every day. Perhaps a solo walk on the beach without music or podcasts, a long chat with a friend (no screens), crafting or knitting, meditating, or journaling.” — Christie Wang, Certified Pilates Instructor, PMA-CPT, @fitwithchristie

“I’ve established personal self-care guidelines to stay mentally healthy and adapt. At first, I found it hard to be motivated at home, so I traveled to a nearby track field to exercise and run. Building that routine and also recording exercises to post for Instagram, I’ve kept myself accountable to do what I love and stay in a positive mindset.” — Kenny Vertus, owner of Unrivaled Performance and personal trainer

“Something that hasn’t worked for me is trying to stick to the same routine I had before quarantine. Being flexible and willing to try new classes, new paces, new running routes, and, most importantly, forgiving myself when I need a break either mentally or physically has been crucial to staying fit and healthy throughout this strange time.” — Kelly Whittaker, Boston senior instructor, Barry’s Bootcamp


“I start with my morning routine with a quick meditation and stretch, reading out loud positive affirmations on my bathroom mirror. I open my house windows so fresh air and light can energize the room, followed by a hot ginger tea. I also take time for outdoor walks/runs or indoor workouts.” — Melisa Valdez, director of product and cardio dance instructor, TRILLFIT 

“My goal throughout this trying time is to focus on my mental health. It’s important to be in a clear and calm headspace as much as possible. What has been most helpful is to actually participate in virtual sessions of my [Kick It] workout program like a member would. I am just as much on this journey of wellness as the members are. As a student, I have weekly classes I put into my calendar, and as an instructor, I have the amazing ability to still have a schedule of teaching, which is therapeutic.” — Eliza Shirazi, founder of Kick It By Eliza

“Burpees in my living rooms have became the new norm! During quarantine, I hosted boot camp workouts on Instagram Live and private Zoom workouts — this helped to keep me moving. Take advantage of social media as a platform for exercise. There are so many talented fitness instructors in the Boston community who are putting out virtual fitness content of all kinds to help keep everyone moving.” — Erin Lindsay, master instructor, Soul Cycle; former Radio City Rockette

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