Veet: We get it, you’re mad.

Veet — who started a bit of a firestorm with their campaign against “Dudeness’’ — has finally spoken up on social media to issue a sort-of apology on Facebook. The apology, which has been carefully crafted to reflect an apology, while also not apologizing at all, states that the brand’s three-person (!) marketing team acknowledges that they have offended you. And hey, they’re women, too, and they “get it.’’ But they thought it was funny.

Sorry — but not really sorry. Because “sorry’’ is never quite said in the response. Instead it reads:

Hi … this is the Veet marketing team in the US. We just wanted to let everyone know, we get it — we’re women too. This idea came from women who told us that at the first hint of stubble, they felt like ‘’dudes.’’ It was really simple and funny, we thought. To be honest, the 3 of us could really relate to these real-life moments and they made us laugh. Not everyone appreciated our sense of humor. We know that women define femininity in different ways. Veet helps those who choose to stay smooth. Our intention was never, ever, to offend anyone, so we decided to rethink our campaign and remove those clips. Thank you for letting us know how you feel.

The clips may be gone from YouTube, but Mashable notes that they can still be viewed via Google’s cache, as well as on someone with the (unfortunate given the circumstance) username BrilliantAdverts’ Youtube account. The Veet “Dudeness’’ component of their website has been removed and replaced with the sort of apology, but we are still wondering if the spots will continue to air in their TV broadcast timeslots.


In the meantime, we’ll watch Veet’s Facebook post and twiddle our thumbs as the feedback to the response rolls in. So far:

“Did the lawyers draft that response, carefully avoiding the use of the words ‘sorry’ and ‘apology’? It’s insincere and bordering on arrogance so pretty pointless. Well done on making a bad situation even worse.’’

“Just because the insult to women doesn’t come from a man doesn’t mean women won’t be offended by it; agree with above comment re: sexism being able to come from women too. Also blatant ignorance of the complaints re: homophobia, no real ‘we’re sorry’ more a ‘please stop getting mad we were just going by our (clearly very small) customer marketing pool who told us body hair = only for men’ if you’re women yourselves surely you’re able to understand why so many people have got upset? How ridiculous.’’

“Pfft. You should add “#sorrynotsorry’’ just for the sake of truthfulness.’’

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