The ‘Finger Trap’ Test is Utter Nonsense: Here’s How to Do it

Look at these beautiful people — no, really! Look at them!!
Look at these beautiful people — no, really! Look at them!! –Olivia Harris /Reuters

What if I told you there was a better way to find out if you’re beautiful — by any standard — and all it took was a little self-help? No, this isn’t another manipulative, misguided ad for Dove. It’s a new “method’’ of beauty assessment called the “finger-trap test’’ that’s all the rage on China’s social media site, Weibo.

Also more bluntly reported as the “Beauty and Ugliness Identification Method’’ — the concept is easy enough: Put your index finger on your nose, rest your hand on your chin like you’re swearing someone to secrecy (Shhh! I’m so pretty!), and if your lips don’t touch your finger, you’re officially beautiful. It’s like magic!


It also happen to be total crap.

What’s the science behind this method, you ask. There must be some play on the “Golden Ratio’’ of face dimensions. But there’s not — HAHA! Got you! Refinery 29 managed to break down the language barrier on the origin of the “test’’ and as it turns out, it’s not much more than a play on a meme:

The finger-trap trend began with a Japanese meme, which was replicated in a selfie by famous Chinese actress Xinyi Zhang, who made a big deal about the fact that she “didn’t pass the test.’’ This prompted her fans to respond with finger-trap selfies of their own, sparking what is now a full-grown fad that includes everyone from ancient Chinese generals to K-Pop stars.

Sadly — but not surprisingly — the finger trap test continues to take off with more than 200,000 active Weibo discussions on the method, according to Vocativ. And Western media outlets who are reporting on the “dangers’’ of the trend have already paralleledthe frenzythe new “thigh gap’’ — which is kind of outrageous.

Because let’s be honest, in the age of selfie surgeries and “Am I Pretty or Ugly?’’ Youtube videos, the finger trap meme is likely the least of our worries.

h/t Refinery 29

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