Spotted @ the LifeSavor Gala

Boston, MA -- 05/08/14 -- Ebony Glass of Brockton, McEdward Laguerre of Hyde Park, Jenna Gabe of Boston, and Branden Getchell of Everett, attended the 22nd annual Community Servings LifeSavor event at the Langham Hotel on May 8, 2014. Because the evening was all about food, we asked guests this fun party question: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, (and it would have no negative consequences on your health), what would it be and why? "Bacon - it's comfort food, I love it" said Getchell. "Pizza - you get a whole lot of everything, plus when you get drunk, pizza is the best thing to have" said Laguerre. "Pasta with veggies - I should have been born Italian, I just love pasta. And because I'm vegan, I can still have it" said Glass. –Kayana Szymczak

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