We Will Soon Have the Derelict House Emoji We All Desire and Deserve

A set of more than 250 emojis will roll out as part of the Unicode 7.0.0 Standard update in July 2014. The new range will be available on all OS that support Unicode 7.0, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft. According to Emojipedia.org (which you should obviously bookmark, RIGHT NOW), the couple hundred new emojis will not only fulfill some of our oldest emoji wishlist prayers, but will also delight, confuse, and inevitably find their way into some dirty punchlines.

Among the new emojis are:

• Mantelpiece clock

• Chipmunk

• Joystick (what did we tell you?)

• Camping (ambiguous)

• State Park (no, not the restaurant)

• Level slider


• Camera with flash

• Hot pepper

• Cloud with snow

• Wind blowing face (not sure what this means)

• Heart with tip on the left (sure?)

• Man in business suit levitating

• Cancellation X (for all those Tinder rejects)

• Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended (for all those Tinder rejects who didn’t get the first hint)

• Dagger knife (for all those Tinder rejects who didn’t get the second)

Our question: Where is the expansion of animal and food emojis? (A TACO? How is there no taco?) Also, the so-called promise to include “racially diverse’’ emojis?


H/T MTV News

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