She got an abortion so that she could have a child

Trish Karter shared the story of her tough decision in a opinion piece.

–Flickr / Jennifer Morrow

Trish Karter didn’t get an abortion because of an unwanted or unintended pregnancy. She got one after intentionally becoming pregnant, and so that she could still have a child, she wrote in a Boston Globe opinion piece.

After becoming pregnant with twins as the result of fertility treatments, Karter was faced with “the hardest decision of [her] life,’’ she wrote. An amniotic fluid test confirmed that one twin had an extremely rare chromosomal disorder that could cause the loss of both babies and threats to Karter’s health.

“We had 48 hours to make a decision,’’ Karter wrote. “Terminate the pregnancy of one twin and pray that we could bring the healthy baby to term, or try to survive the pregnancy and hope for a manageable outcome with our unborn daughter — a hope not supported by medical literature.’’


This is not the situation most people associate abortions with, Karter wrote, but she said she shared the story because it isn’t unique, and to show the importance of allowing people to make these decisions for themselves.

“I believe every family and their chosen doctors and advisers — not politicians — should have the right to make their own decision,’’ she wrote. “Certainly each of us has the burden of coping with the outcome.’’

Read Karter’s full opinion piece, “Deciding on an abortion,’’ here.