10 years ago, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of some school called Harvard

He left to keep working on some website called Facebook.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. REUTERS / Stephen Lam

Harvard is a big part of the Facebook legacy, but Mark Zuckerberg never graduated from the Ivy League university. As BetaBoston points out, it was 10 years ago last Saturday that he told a Harvard Crimson reporter, “I’m not coming back.’’

Zuckerberg had taken the 2005 fall semester off to devote time to his startup,, which at only a year and a half into its existence was already the second-largest online social networking site and one of the 10 most-trafficked sites on the Internet, according to BetaBoston. (The 2005 Harvard Crimson article that BetaBoston references reported that the largest social networking site at the time was—yep—MySpace.)


A Facebook profile page in 2005, after the “the’’ was dropped.

Zuckerberg went back to the Ivy a decade ago only to recruit engineers and employees. He would have been a 21-year-old senior, but instead he told Harvard Crimson reporter Sam Teller that he was dropping out indefinitely.

Even without a college degree, Zuckerberg went on to build Facebook up to an annual revenue stream of $12.5 billion.

Read the full BetaBoston article here.

Harvard through the years:

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